Final Fantasy 7 Lets You Cheat, Skip Battles in New Mobile Version

The game itself hasn't been changed, but you can have a very different experience with the new mobile version.


Perhaps the most beloved game in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy VII, is now available on iOS.

Square Enix released the port, which is based on the PC version of the RPG, on the iOS App Store today for $16. Its user interface has, as expected, been tweaked to work on a touchscreen. When playing, you'll have the option to use either a virtual analog stick or d-pad for moving around and navigating menus.

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In terms of gameplay, nothing has been changed. While the upcoming FFVII remake sounds as if won't be a direct copy of the existing game, the iOS version's description is sure to point out, "No changes or additions have been made to the story."

That said, two optional features can make the experience of playing on iOS very different. One allows you to disable enemy encounters you'd have to deal with on the world and area maps, leaving you only to deal with battles that are relevant to the story.

This might sound problematic because you'd be left without the requisite experience to let you get through those fights, and that's where the other new option comes in. Essentially a cheat code, toggling it on maxes out your stats, allowing you "to become all-powerful in the blink of an eye."

Alongside the launch of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has also debuted the new Final Fantasy Portal app on both iOS and Android. Intended as a mobile hub for Final Fantasy news and updates, the free app also allows users to play Final Fantasy VIII's card game, Triple Triad. Also, from now until the end of August, you can download the original Final Fantasy through the app for free.

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