Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Closed Beta Coming This Year

The new gameplay trailer puts an emphasis on the game's turn-based-battles, which sport visuals similar to that of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


Square Enix showed a new glimpse of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis as part of its recent Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary stream, giving fans a new look at the mobile game's combat in action.

The new footage highlights the game's turn-based-combat, which looks to be inspired by the original Final Fantasy VII's Active Time Battle system and sports visuals similar to that of the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake. When out of combat, the game adopts a more stylized, top-down look reminiscent of the original Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix announced the game will undergo a closed beta test later in 2022, but did not give a specific date or a way to sign up for the test.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will release via an episodic format that will, over time, tell the story of each game in the Final Fantasy VII timeline, including spin-offs like Crisis Core (which Square Enix announced is getting a remake), Dirge of Cerberus, and the film Advent Children. The game will be free-to-play but will include loot boxes that additional items like weapons and costumes.

At the same celebration event, Square Enix confirmed Final Fantasy VII Remake will now be a trilogy, with the second part, titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, coming next winter.

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