Final Fantasy 25th anniversary Ultimate Box collection announced

Compilation to feature original PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, UMD of III, PS2 versions of X, XI, XII, PS3 version of XIII.


Square Enix just announced during the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary gallery opening ceremony that it will be selling the Final Fantasy Ultimate Box collection.

Final Fantasy Ultimate Box collection will take you many, many hours to play through.
Final Fantasy Ultimate Box collection will take you many, many hours to play through.

The first game collection, which is meant to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series, will feature original PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIIl, and Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy III will appear on the PlayStation Portable UMD. The PlayStation 2 versions of Final Fantasy X, XI, and XII will also be included. Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3 will cap off the anthology.

This set will also contain a video disc housing an anniversary celebration video montage, an art book called Crystal Artworks, a Final Fantasy XIV item code for in-game "mogu mogu" earrings, a mini replica of the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary visual logo drawn by Yoshitaka Amano, and a two-disc music CD featuring songs from the series.

The collection will be out on December 18 in Japan, which is the release date of the original Final Fantasy on the Famicom system in its native country. There is no word on whether this collection will be on sale in North America, Europe, or the rest of Asia.

[CORRECTION]: This story originally stated Final Fantasy III for PS1 and Final Fantasy XIII for PS2 are part of the anthology. They are actually on the PlayStation Portable UMD and PlayStation 3, respectively. GameSpot regrets the error.

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The PS1 versions? The ones with the horrid loading times? THOSE are the versions you choose?

Come on... the PSP version of FFIV is clearly the superior choice.

A proper collection would have been put on a few bluray discs and playable on PS4 w/VITA access for the earlier titles. In my opinion, I think they just had left-over discs, printed up some fancy packaging, and decided to sell it for a ton of money. Gotta bail out all the modern FF failure games with some revenue!

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Kind of a boring anniversary to me as a fan of the series since the beginning, having a copy of every game in the collection

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@Tripwolf 3. FFT did get a sequel on the DS. A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

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I got this in the mail today from Japan!!! It is awesome!

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the only thing i want is a HD remake of FFX .. the best one of the series in my opinion

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@Ruarte12 You must have meant FFIX, right?

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all the games in one collection hm.... i have everything original but im still tempted but theres one thing id like to see for example ff 10 to12 in hd ....

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@phatbomber better 10, 7, 8 hd remastered O.o

now if only they'd remake crisis core in hd and ff x-2 via infinito that was one hell of a dungeon o.o

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why bother to waste money, i already own all those in either the original games, roms, isos,etc

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Probably not gonna get to America or Europe, especially considering it has the PS2 version of FF11, which can't be played on European consoles and requires an almost $100 add-on to play on american ones.

they'll prolly release a cut-down version for american and Europe, prolly with the same (or higher) price-tag though.

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@adam270391 just get a japanese console and get it modded to have displays in english xD

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@Tripwolf 1: It's just the numbered titles, there's several other games besides tactics that could be in there otherwise.

2: considering digital versions of FF1 -9 can be played on the PS vita now 10's HD remake will be playable on it (eventually) that would just leave 11, 12 and 13 not playable on the vita, they really could have thought about it a bit better, release a port of the PS2 version of 12, then at least all but FF11 can be played on the PS3 + Vita.

3: Contrary to common sense Square Enix has said they won't make a FF7 remake until they release a FF game that successfully "beats" FF7's popularity and/or sales.

I'd prolly buy it if I didn't already own physical copies of all the games and digital copies of those that have some re-releases...

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@adam270391 @Tripwolf in short words, they will never make a remake, the last FF games are just a fiasco, letting down the long time fans and lacking of the charm of the old titles.

also this collection seems like they only bundle all the old games they didnt sell in their times and putting "ultimate collection" in the box, is actually quite lazy, if they actually put those games in a blue ray we could get the benefit of faster loading times and maybe a little better graphical updates.

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plus tax

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Well an excuse to experience Final Fantasy in all it's odd glory and see why it's popular. I think my wallet broke some stitches as I read this, I bet it's pricy :O

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I can understand that this collection might be aimed at the hardcore Final Fantasy fan, but what about the other fans who might not have the money or the systems to play all these games? Square Enix could have easily put all these games on a single blu-ray or a couple of DVDs and sold a collection for the PS3 and 360.

They could have done something like the Kirby Dream Collection and sold it for about 50 or 60 bucks. Have all the games on a few discs and make it easy for the average consumer to enjoy this collection. Instead, most people will need at least 3 systems to play all the games that are included. And let's not even get into the fact that this current collection effectively cuts out any chances of a 360 or Wii U port down the line.

Honestly, who is SE making happy with a collection like this? They could have easily sold millions and earned back some goodwill from gamers. A 60 dollar collection with the first thirteen Final Fantasy games and a music CD would have sold very well.

What boggles the mind is how they managed to screw this up. They already did a great collection with Dragon Quest a couple of years ago on the Wii. Nintendo has done an excellent job with a collection that celebrates Kirby's anniversary.

Why not follow that formula? What business sense is there to cut their potential fanbase out of this collection, and make it nearly impossible to play without owning all the systems.

SE missed a massive opportunity here. I'm not against a limited edition version of the collection like the one they are making, but why not make a standard version that is much cheaper and comes on a single disc? It is really that hard SE?

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@caryslan2 but isnt the PS3 able to run games from PSX and PS2??but i get your point, also im sure that at last 90% of FF fans has already those games in the legal or illegal way

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I have to say i'd be more interested if they'd bothered to update them a smidgeon and put them all on the PS3 with trophies for each game, though it's unlikely this will ever make it to anywhere besides Japan. they never give anyone else the fun extras.And anyway, some people may no longer have the ability to play original playstation games. and for this current generation, they probably can't anyway and only have a PS3. poor marketing right there. I suppose you could argue that it's a collector set but any collector able to buy this probably already has those games, on their original systems no less. Rather sloppy Square.

Still, I like the idea. if i had the money and they went ahead and gave the games some trophies at least, i'd totes buy it. but simple copies of those old games? I have most of them on emulators and the rest on the system itself.

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Just remake Final Fantasy 7 and be done with it. I've never seen a company more devoted to not giving what their majority fan base wants. Instead they churn out garbage spin offs and AWFUL new final fantasy games. Square, what the hell happened?

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So are they assuming everyone can still play PS1 games? I can, but anyone who's scrapped their PS1 or 2 might have some issues.

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The FF III included in this collection is a PSP port of an NDS game released in 2006 (minus touch and Wi-Fi support), which was itself a 3D remake of the never-released-in-NA Famicom original. Hope this clears things up for folks.

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@FoTwinny isnt FF III and FF XIII out of this collection??

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@Anema1986 What??

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Playing the PSone FFs will just be showing us how good Square used to be. Everything after FFX was just garbage

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@Soulreavercross Uhm FFX and Final Fantasy XII are awesome ps2 games 7 and somewhat 8 on psone,9 was not too my taste.You sound as though your crediting 1-6 as psone titles.

They came on a touched up compilation but were not originated from psone as you well know.Basically you might as well have just said right there that only decent FF games out of the 14 that were made were the three released on psone

Lol you call yourself a "Hardcore" gamer in your profile,yet you come out with a ridiculous comment such as this.Hell regardless of what may say in retaliation,I bet you haven't finished but maybe 3 to 4 of the games in the series,because if you did you'd know that 6 is one of the finest in the series,alongside 7

Final Fantasy is evolving with the times,no one wants to grind endlessly anymore,dont let your nostalgia cloud your judgement too much...

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@Dittyobrien @Soulreavercross First, you can be a "hardcore" gamer without loving all JRPGs.

Second, maybe he was just referring to the fact that I-IX will all be on PSone in this collection (short of III). No, I-VI weren't originally on PSone, but they were at some point.

"No one wants to grind endlessly..." Right, but pretty much any of the FF games after V are pretty easy to beat without any grinding if you know what you're doing. You said yourself that VI is one of the finest.

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great box but :o i already got all parts :D if not would be a day1 buy

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Hmm, if it comes to the States I may buy it but I doubt I'll import since I already own the original version of all those games.

Avatar image for amaan4ever

If only my ps3 could play UMDs......

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Looks tempting but pretty sure its ridiculusly priced...


And besides, I own the originals which were classic. Now if they remade VII as a part of this bundle then that would be an instant purchase.

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wait, so you will literally need almost every single playstation and portable console units to play these games?

Avatar image for brgreen

@UncleBennyrar Yes, mostly likely unless you have a launch PS3. Except for the one psp game.

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i might be intrested in getting this if the collection is the right price. just to have them all in one place. even though anything after X was terrible imo

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bring this to PS3 NA/EU Damn It................

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Lol @ people complaining. There are still people who likes to play PS1 and PS2 games and I like how they choose what version to include. FF3 was somewhat a sore thumb but given that it was not ported to PS1/2/3 I guess this is better than nothing. Anyway too bad this is in Japanese unless it's dual-language. At least Squeenix's still thinking about their sony fans.

Just wondering, if they included FFXI, why didn't they included FFXIV?

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Unless I am sorely mistaken.. and I may be, Final Fantasy wasn't ported to PSP either (It was ported to DS though) I don't get why they couldnt have put some effort into putting it into a form that one could play on the same system as any of the other games, of all of the games on the same system for that matter... But then again, I am extremely disturbed by the lack of any effort at all I've been seeing from Square-Enix as of late, and I'm not just talking about the endless list of sequels, prequels, midquels and mmo's theyve been vomiting out either...

(Of particular note, The pc "re-release" they just put out for 7 was an absolute joke- with horrendous music[im talking files that would sound bad on the snes] for some tracks.. The "cloud save" feature is more of a hinderance than a help and feels like an after thought.. and the "game booster" removes almost any reason one would even want to play this game.),

Avatar image for VaanXPenelo

Looks pretty but I have most of the originals so I'm good.

Avatar image for Dakaron

Hmm... Considering the fact that (I'm one of the fortunate few here that still has the older systems, mind you) I already HAVE the majority of the games included...

FF 1 - NES Release / PSX Remake

FF 2 - PSX Remake

FF 3 - NDS Remake

FF 4, 5 & 6 - PSX Remakes

FF 7, 8, 9 - PSX

FF 10, 10-2 & 12 - PS2

FF 13 & 13-2 - XBoX 360

Sadly, I'll pass on this one.

Avatar image for brgreen

@Dakaron I still have all of my old games too. Starting with my Atari 2600. Lol

Avatar image for Lost-to-Apathy

If you put all that stuff on a couple of blu-ray discs and all of the games worked on my PS3 just fine, then I'd be down for it. But I'll pass.

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@Lost-to-Apathy I agree. There's really nothing special to the collection at all. Paying for the hefty price with just only artworks and special labeled discs, but the game, format, and concepts of the game itself are still the same.

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no thanks , i m pretty sure this series just needs to die , leave the originals alone the way they were ment to be played ,

Avatar image for Lost-to-Apathy


Either die or start making them how they used to.

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@Lost-to-Apathy @mariokart64fan

I agree

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To be truthful, i would rather have this in modern formats (DVD-Blu-ray) or something. Since Sony HATES backward compatibility, you would need a Playstation 1(7-9) or 2(10, 12). and a PSP for FF 1-3! why not port them all to download? that would be smarter too!

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@mrzero1982pt2 I think that they're being released FOR PS3, but as ports of the PS1/2 versions of those games.