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Final Fantasy 16 Actor Releases Audition Tape For Mario

"F**k you, it's me, Mario."


After Nintendo announced that Mario's beloved voice actor Charles Martinet would no longer voice the character, the internet has found plenty of humor in speculating who might take over the iconic role. Voice actor Ben Starr, known for playing Final Fantasy 16 protagonist Clive Rosfield, is the latest to step up to the plate with a gritty, edgy, and sometimes nonsensical take on our favorite plumber.

The British actor shared his take on Twitter, showcasing a version of Mario who's suave, British, and seemingly ready to throw down at the slightest provocation. His lines range from "f**k you, it's me, Mario," to "a mia is a mia, and I am a-Mario," allowing Starr to really showcase his range as a voice actor.

Though fans on Twitter are delighted by the idea of a Mario who swears, it seems unlikely that Nintendo will be on board with the idea--though maybe Starr will be tapped for a gritty Mario Bros. reboot somewhere down the line.

As far as voice actors who are actually in the running to take over Mario's voice, Nintendo doesn't seem to be interested in making a big deal of the casting. When asked who will be voicing the character in the upcoming Mario Wonder, and presumably future titles, Nintendo simply answered, "character voice actors will be credited in the game credits, so please wait for the game to be released."

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