Final Fantasy 15's VR Fishing Game Coming In November

Gone fishing.


Square Enix has announced a release date for its PSVR Final Fantasy XV spin-off, Monster of the Deep. The virtual reality fishing game releases for PlayStation 4 on November 21.

In Monster of the Deep, players embark on a fishing expedition across Eos with Noctis and his friends. The game features two modes. Story mode drops players "in the middle of an exhilarating and action-packed showdown with a menace that lurks in the depths." Those who'd prefer to do some more leisurely angling, meanwhile, can tackle other fishing challenges in Free Fishing mode. You can see new screenshots of the game below.

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Square Enix also announced a pre-order bonus for the title. Beginning August 23, those who pre-purchase it from the PlayStation Store will receive a custom Monster of the Deep dynamic theme for their console, as well as a special samurai outfit for their in-game avatar.

Monster of the Deep isn't the only VR Final Fantasy spin-off Square Enix had planned; at E3 2016, the publisher showcased Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience, a lightgun-style demo that put players in the shoes of Prompto. However, the publisher recently confirmed that project will never be released.

In addition to Monster of the Deep's release date, Square Enix also announced a new Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV during Gamescom today. This new version reimagines the acclaimed RPG for mobile devices, featuring an isometric viewpoint, touch controls, and a cuter, chibi-esque visual style. Its story is divided into 10 episodes that will be released simultaneously, the first of which will be available to download for free.

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