Final Fantasy 15's Next Free Update Revealed, Here's When It's Coming And What It Does

The new patch is coming next week.


Final Fantasy XV is getting another free update.

According to Nova Crystalis, the update will add "additional features" for PlayStation 4 Pro, one of which is a new mode that allows the game to have a "stable framerate and comfortable play." Final Fantasy XV was patched in February to support PS4 Pro, but the update was criticized for reportedly making the game perform worse under some circumstances.

Also coming in the update is the ability to magnify the subtitles and menu screen size. That's not all the update does, either. Here is more from the Nova Crystalis report (via NeoGAF):

"Additionally, subtitles and menu screen size can now be magnified. Timed quests will also start up again, along with a ranking system. Extravagant weapons can be obtained from them. Furthermore, a new sticker has been added for Regalia customization, along with new music for the music player."

This new Final Fantasy XV update launches on April 27, presumably for all PS4 and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XV launched in November 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One in November, going on to ship more than 6 million copies. At the Game Developers Conference, Square Enix showed a Final Fantasy XV tech demo running on PC, but this doesn't mean the game is confirmed for the new platform.

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Just a humble opinion from a long time series fan; XV > XIII. XIII was like a magic bullet that knocked me the hell out within 30 min of playing. Even after reaching Gran Pulse, I just couldn't stay awake. XV kept me up till bedtime. (I don't have a bedtime I'm 35.)

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for all the people complaining , cut it out , why did you not trade in your ps4 for ps4 pro ? if you see a better version of our console , which ps4 pro isn't just better it is 50x better then original ps4 which is by a lot. if I had original ps4 I would of traded it for ps4 pro on day one. the power difference and what devs would do with it out weighs og ps4 by a lot. but I got ps4 pro instead so I'm happy.

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SE should remove the other modes, if this is the comfortable mode whats the other modes doing? HQ mode has frame drops and pacing issues, lite mode is unlocked and cant maintain 60fps, and that means stutter everywhere.

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So nothing basically. Just a fix for their previous updates screw up. It's a good game IMO but the amount of stuff that has been cut from this is embarrassing and laughable. Exploring out of bounds in Cartanica really puts that into perspective. Honestly, I think I have more fun exploring out of bounds than I do the actual game now which pretty much says it all ;)

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So.. a ( comfortable play ) for PS4 Pro!!

and what about the Original PS4 owners?!

we won't be able to enjoy the game without the frame pace issue at least?!

F*** Square Enix and F*** Tabata

I'll be damned if I'll ever buy a SE product ever again and that's coming from a 30 years old Final Fantasy fan.

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So in other words. This patch has done **** all.

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Final Fantasy went off the rails after 6.

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I have a feeling this stable frame rate thing means a locked 30 not 60 for Pro owners. They don't mention locking it at 60 anywhere I've that kinda tells me everything I need to know.

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It kinda pisses me off that FFXV keeps getting all these patches and not a single patch has been made for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 for a month. It's still possible for Kingdom Hearts II to crash from saving. I've had it happen to me personally.

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I have an xbox one but I am scared that as soon as I get it that it will be announced that its out for PC.

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@gunnmetal: With SE these days, a PC version is a pretty good possibility. My advice is to assume FFXV will make it to PC, there's no way they're porting FF7 to FFX to PC and then completely ignore their newer FF titles (FF12 on PC is also an inevitability). I wouldn't even be surprised to see Kingdom Hearts 3 announced as mutliplat title with a PC port in there.

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@gunnmetal: lol, yeah i see what you mean. I actually thought that the end of your sentence would be: "... that it will be announced that scorpio 2 is out". This generation of consoles is a bit disappointing so far. Not a lot of great games out yet (small games library on current consoles) and they are already releasing other consoles. They need to focus on the games. Why do people buy consoles? To play games, not to buy consoles for the sake of buying consoles. I hope that after scorpio and ps4 pro they don't release any console for the next 10 years, and that a lot of great games can come out. Give developers enough time to master the hardware, instead of forcing them to have to spend time, effort and budget adapting to new hardware every 3 years. I really enjoyed the xbox 360 cycle. It was great. The quality of games that came out got progreesively better, not just visually but in design and gameplay as well. They released the hardware, now focus on releasing great games and taking advantage of all that new hardware.

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still waiting for a patch for the frame pacing issue's. its been almost 5 months, and still no fix !!!!

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@DeadPhoenix86: instead they keeps throwing at us a cheap shitty dlc's and contents without fixing the damn frame pacing.

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you can polish a turd all you want but at the end of the day it's still going to be a turd

I have 0 desire to play this crap incomplete game ever again.

Persona 5 is good without the need of "updates" or DLC.

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@ShepardCommandr: Geez Lois, how long you been waitin to crack out that gem?

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When has 'stable framerate' ever been a mode? Shouldn't that just be an expected outcome when a game is bought? I've given up buying games on release days. I feel I'm just another beta tester; there to fix problems with the game that should have been fixed before it came out.

Games nowadays should come out with a reverse price system. Start cheaper and slowly move up to full price over time. That way the day one customers don't feel ripped off for a half baked game with the promise of eventually being fixed.

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@lion2447: Good points lion but at the same time games like Horizon Zero Dawn which are complete and fully working should be given due credit.

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@lion2447: "When has 'stable framerate' ever been a mode? Shouldn't that just be an expected outcome when a game is bought?"

It was. Until people complained about it and how they wanted unlocked frame rates instead.

The fact is, Square Enix will never satisfy everyone, and they need to stop trying.

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@chad_pattan: "Until people complained..." is the problem. To me, I think games were better when game companies had a vision and made a game based on that vision without the input of the player. SquareEnix should have selected a fixed framerate that they knew would work and then stuck with that. Instead they pandered to all the complainers and ended up satisfying no one. There will never be any shortage of complainers, so the best is not to give in.

It's not just SqaureEnix anymore when it comes to trying to satisfy the public. It seems all companies do this now and your right in saying they (SquareEnix) and others need to stop trying. Too many opinions means a game has no direction or identity and ends up just being more shovelware in the market.

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Hopefully we can lock frame rate to 30 on the pro...

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Meh. FF XV had its moments but the story was unbelievably stupid and convoluted, especially that ending. Watching videos about the (now scrapped) FF versus XIII story made me see how much better this game could have been...

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@Vatusus: Well that's what happens when you start and reset production of a game 15,000 times, it ends up being a mess. Square needs to find a strategy where it's the same director, same team and the same vision for the game throughout. AAA games development is getting ridiculously complex!

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FFXV is an amazing game with some serious pacing issues after Chapter 10. I won't spoil it for anyone but if you want to get to the endgame successfully LEVEL UP as much as possible before getting on the damn boat. Seriously. This "time rewind" thing they threw into the game makes absolutely NO SENSE and seems like they did it so you could actually beat the game from Chapter 14 onward and to forgive the devs for making the pacing issues so bjorked.

Anyway, I hope this new patch decreases the load times on the PS4 Pro because as they are now they're ridiculously long. I don't get hiccups or slowdowns, not that I've noticed but those load times. Holy geesh. Also, SE, if you'd be so kind as to actually ADD some new weapons and armor to a game that is an RPG, yeah, that'd be great. Man, they could have made this game so much bigger by adding some crafting elements so you can proc out your weapons and armor. Having weapons with procs on them already is ok but the ability to use the weapons you like with the procs you like would be dope.

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@naomha1: Installing an SSD in the Pro actually helps the load times quite a bit (unlike the original PS4 which didn't take advantage of SATA-3.) It will typically reduce 75 second load time down to about 30 seconds. Here's a comparison video:

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@drumjod: That's interesting, because it's been proven that in other Pro games SSDs make very little difference, because there are bottlenecks that prevent SATA3 being fully utilised.

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@Tangsta03: I remember reading something about that. I'm thinking it could be because the Pro was originally locked to use the same specs as the PS4 for games that didn't specifically take advantage of the Pro. I think Sony released a patch that gives you the option to run any PS4 game with the Pro specs so I wonder if that would improve those load times as well.

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New weapons tied to the timed quests? I can see this taking a Monster Hunter path.

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Meanwhile Persona 5 have zero updates and people will play it for many years to come, unlike FFXV.

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@lembu90: Two totally different games.

Avatar image for clefdefa

@rlg5150: two JRPG, one of which is quite underwelming for the lack of everything.

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This isn't an update its a patch. Makuch stop trolling

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Thank god I really hope this patch fixes the frame pacing. It's unbearable.

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LOL Soooooo glad to see that bug fixes are considered a "free update" haha. Fucking pathetic.

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@mentalrevolt: Not defending them here but um... thats what all the companies call them. This is due to some companies now having the practice of have certain updates behind paywalls or having updates included with their dlc that you have to pay for.

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@DarkCaptain3: what are you talking about? No one puts bug fix updates behind paywalls.

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I think that has happened before, but I cannot remember the games that it happened with.