Final Fantasy 15's New Outfits Delayed Because They Look Too Much Like Power Rangers

The Magitek Exosuit will get a makeover.

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Square Enix recently revealed details of new Final Fantasy XV DLC that's on the way, but at least one piece of it is set to change before release, possibly due to legal concerns.

Earlier this week, Square Enix announced the Booster Pack for Final Fantasy XV, slating it for a release on February 21. Among the contents is the Magitek Exosuit, a new set of outfits for your party that provide an "advantage" and an "exhilarating experience" during battles. The specifics of exactly what they do wasn't shared, but that's not what was most notable about them. Many couldn't help but notice the strong resemblance to the outfits worn by the Power Rangers in the upcoming reboot movie. You can compare the two using the slider below.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Fans aren't the only ones who saw similarities between the designs, according to Gematsu. During an Active Time Report livestream, Square Enix said the free Booster Pack DLC with the Magitek Exosuits is now coming at a later date. This is because the company behind Power Rangers got in touch to point out how much the designs resemble one another. As a result, the Exosuits are now being redesigned.

A new design wasn't shown, but you can probably expect them to shy away resembling anything related to Power Rangers.

The premium Booster Pack+ DLC is still slated for release on February 21, as is an update that increases the level cap and more. A new DLC episode starring Gladiolus and improvements to Chapter 13 are due out a month later.

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