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Final Fantasy 15's Multiplayer Expansion Closed Beta Begins Soon

Players with a season pass will be able to try the co-op mode next week.


Square Enix will soon be holding a closed beta for Final Fantasy XV's forthcoming multiplayer expansion. Players who've purchased the game's $25 season pass and have either a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to sample the Comrades DLC next week from August 3-8.

The Comrades expansion is a cooperative multiplayer mode for the critically acclaimed RPG. Players will be able to create their own avatar, which they can then use to take part in quests with up to three other players. The full expansion will also feature an array of new weapons and sigils with different attack patterns, as well as single-player quests that can be undertaken with three AI party members.

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The closed beta offers a limited sampling of the features from the full version. Participants can save up to eight avatars and customize them with "elements limited to the test version," according to the game's official website. The closed beta will also feature four different weapon types with "attack patterns that vary from Noctis," as well as three quests "with up to three legs to each quest." You can see some screenshots from the expansion below.

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Square Enix first announced the Comrades expansion last October, but little has been said about it since then. Most recently, the publisher shared a screenshot of a character-creation system that was in development for the mode, though director Hajime Tabata teased that player-created characters may be used in single-player as well. A future update to the Comrades expansion will give players the option to also play as Noctis and his friends.

Square Enix hasn't announced a release date for the Comrades expansion, though more details are "forthcoming." In the meantime, Final Fantasy XV players have the Power Rangers-like Magitek Exosuits to look forward to, which are slated to arrive as a free update. The game's third DLC chapter, Episode Ignis, is also scheduled to release this December.

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