Final Fantasy 15's Latest Update Adds Story Content To Chapter 12

Gimme more lore.

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Final Fantasy XV's latest update is finally live on Xbox One and PS4. In addition to some small fixes and other additions, this updates drops in a fairly important story point about the Astral War.

Until now, this historical event is sidestepped in the main campaign. We know it happened, because much of the land in Lucis has scars from it, but we don't really know what happened and why. One of the few direct references to the war is a sidequest called "Aftermath of the Astral War" which sends you and your pals on a trip to take pictures of the Taelpar Crag.

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A new story event that explains what led up to the Astral War has been tacked onto chapter 12 in the main campaign. If you've already beaten the story, all you have to do is revisit the chapter. For those who haven't, you may need to complete the story before you can access the additional content.

On top of all of the new lore added to the story, a bunch of other small fixes have been thrown into the mix. The second round of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival has come to an end; no news on when it may open its doors in Altissia once more. Bugs have been fixed in the Assassin's Festival event which is running until January 31, 2018. Two new fish have also been added to the title.

For more Final Fantasy XV news, check out our story on it potential to come to Nintendo Switch. Final Fantasy XV is headed to PC next year.

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