Final Fantasy 15's Character Creation Tool Teased In New Image

It's unclear if it will be possible to make someone better than Ignis.


Following a tease that such a feature could be coming last year, Square Enix has confirmed it is indeed working on a character-creation system for Final Fantasy XV.

Director Hajime Tabata shared some details regarding the feature in an interview with DualShockers. He described it as being intended for the forthcoming multiplayer mode, although it's possible these characters can be taken into single-player, too.

"The character creation function is actually in the works right now," he explained. "However [it] is not something that we can just show off, as it would probably not wow your readers at this stage. However, what we're doing right now is not just implementing a character creation feature, but we want to combine that with a multiplayer feature, so that players can not only create a new character, but also bring it in multiplayer.

"Right now, the current stage of development lets you change the character and morph it into another character that looks very different."

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The image above shows an early look at the character creation tool. At the moment, the number of options--height, head size, and muscle--is quite limited, though that's likely to change as development moves ahead.

Specifically regarding the ability to use these player-made characters in single-player, Tabata said, "We want to implement it so that you can use them in single-player as well, although this is something usually made for multiplayer."

There still aren't many details on Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer mode. However, Tabata did reiterate that it's "a four-player co-op multiplayer game" rather than something that resembles Grand Theft Auto V's online component.

Elsewhere in the interview, Tabata said Square Enix wants to support Final Fantasy XV "as much as possible," though the current plan is limited to the one year after release. You can read the full thing at DualShockers.

We recently learned Final Fantasy XV broke even on developments costs in just a single day. Looking ahead, new DLC and free updates are on the way, although one featuring new outfits has been postponed for looking a bit too familiar.

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When I first saw the DLC costumes I immediately thought they looked like the new Power Ranger suits and just thought it was a cross promotion for the new movie.

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I have no idea how this will work.

Please, work on delivering the story better and let us explore World of Ruin, alongside the Bro episodes.

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Anyone interested In old school final fantasy games that really ran on the final fantasy engine (not luminous) silicon studio owned by square soft at the time was a new engine built entirely for jrpg for free until luminous altered it.

Final fantasy 10 ran on a lower version of silicon studios, the new one has a new name.

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They better allow the creation of female avatars. Otherwise what's the fucking point?

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They could borrow sim's cas.... Sulsul!

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Well a player created avatar can't be any more lifeless than the gaggle of hollow eyed characters they managed to come up with.

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this probably means multiplayer will be co-op missions

still character creation has me listening i wonder if you can pick the're combat style or if we get stuck with noct style

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They will not allowed to create a female character because women not allowed to join an all-male road tripping.

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@lembu90: 2 she's join the party

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@lembu90: "She" joins the party at some point. "She" is quite liked too.

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@kaminobenimizu: Are you talking about the dlc character? She's not part of the canon storyline anyway. The project director already said that there won't be any female characters in the canon party as the game itself about young men road tripping. Their behaviour will change if there is a woman get between them. As for that dlc character, she just there to 'spice thing up' or a sarcastic response towards the all-male casts criticism.

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@lembu90: But there literally are 2 female characters that join your party during FFXV. Iris and Aranea. They are temporary but they do join and help in combat.

And what are you talking about? There is no female character added in the DLC. So far the only DLC confirmed are extra missions about Gladio, Ignis, Prompto. There is also mention of a few small things like co-op and also maybe a full expansion. The only thing mentioned in it about a new character so far is Gilgamesh being in Gladio's mission.

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Needs an Endowment Slider

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I hope there are skin color options and not just various hues of pale.

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Fix the battle system, fix the story, fix the character animation

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@girlusocrazy: Fix your poor taste.

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@stage4saiyan: sorry not a hipster I can't force myself to like garbage

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@girlusocrazy: The game is far too mainstream for a Hipster to like it. I've heard the Hipster is a race that commonly like "underground", "unknown by the public" stuff.

Once something gets popular, the Hipster, also known as Hipstericus Sterpacus, will hate the thing it used to love.

Hipsters are complicated creatures.

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Male and Female creation would be awesome. I am also getting this feeling that the game is going to possibly get "Post Game" content that might talk about what happened after you beat the game. Final Fantasy XV might become way more HUGE than it is now :D

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But... why?

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@Servare: There is a multiplayer mode on the way, also talk of an Avatar System. Likely, this is in association with that.