Final Fantasy 15's Alleged 72-hour Boss Fight Attempted

“Unless you go afk for 71 hours, there’s no way the fight will last that long,” — PowerPyx.


Toward the end of Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment on Final Fantasy XV, he skipped ahead to a quest about investigating unnaturally occurring earthquakes. As it turns out, those earthquakes were being caused by Adamantoise, one of Final Fantasy XV’s colossal post-end-game bosses, a tortoise so large it carries a mountain on its back.

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During the segment, O’Brien’s handler claimed “that was just to suss him out - when you actually battle him it takes three real days.” Understandably, O’Brien and guest Elijah Woods appeared scandalized by this news, at which point the handler reaffirmed “it takes 72 real-time hours to beat it, like in a row.”

Seventy-two hours. Real-time. Actual hours.

In an earlier interview with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata (who would like nothing more than for you to cry at the ending of his game) as reported over at Square Portal, the Adamantoise battle should take around 15 real-time hours to complete. These are very different numbers.

So how long does it really take?

YouTuber PowerPyx has a video on their channel, reports Polygon, which shows how to trigger the fight, and records the full process of taking down the mountain-tortoise. The entire video takes around 50 minutes, with a character at level 69, and using a buffs and maxed-out combo attacks.

“Unless you go afk for 71 hours, there’s no way the fight will last that long,” PowerPyx claimed in a comment reply on the video.

So while it didn't take three real-time days to defeat Adamantoise, it did take a fairly tedious 50 or so minutes. Was this a miscommunication? Did it perhaps take 72 in-game hours? For their efforts, PowerPyx received 50,000 gil, a trophy, and an adamantite bangle, which if it operates like other bangles in the game, should increase the player’s max HP.

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