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Final Fantasy 15 Video Shows Huge, Unused Areas of the Game

Watch more than an hour of exploration.


Final Fantasy XV features a fairly sizable world, but it's one that could have been--or perhaps one day will be--even bigger.

A video from YouTube user Fotm Hero (via Siliconera) has begun making the rounds in which they explore normally inaccessible areas of the game. Making use of an out-of-bounds glitch, the hour-long video starts off in Cartanica before moving to Eusciello, Pagla, and Tenebrae.

Only the first of these offers any real meat, as the latter areas could not be fully loaded. "[O]nly the area around Cartanica is fully loaded, that's why it's well detailed compared to the rest," the video description reads. "To access the other zones, I had to avoid an infinite loading screen, so those areas aren't loaded."

There may still be more to come, as Fotm Hero goes on to say, "I'm trying to find a way to glitch directly from Tenebrae or Gralea."

It's unclear why these areas are in the game. It's possible they were intended to be used at one point and were ultimately cut. It's also conceivable they could also serve as the foundation for future downloadable content--we know Square Enix has extensive plans for post-launch support, both in terms of free updates and paid DLC.

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