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Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition Leaks Through Ratings Board Listing

A complete edition may be on the way.


Despite being an obvious prospect, we've yet to see any kind of Game of the Year-style edition of Final Fantasy XV. However, it now looks as if Square Enix may have such a version on the way in the near future, if a newly published ratings board listing is any indication.

The ESRB has published a rating for something called Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition, which is coming to both Xbox One and PS4. The rating itself doesn't provide any information about what this is, instead largely re-stating what the original game's ESRB rating explained (albeit with some further specificity about the types of firearms you'll use). However, it's not hard to guess what this might be.

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With all of the announced DLC episodes now available, it seems likely that Royal Edition will bundle the base game with the content released to date. XV director Hajime Tabata said recently that he hopes to release more DLC packs for the game in 2018, but with expansions focused on party members Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto having already been released, Square Enix looks to be ready to re-package the game. Given that Royal Edition has already received an ESRB rating, such a release is likely not too far off.

As of yet, Square Enix has not made any official announcements about Royal Edition. We've followed up with the publisher and will report back with any details it shares. We do know that the company's plans for Final Fantasy XV this year include the much-anticipated PC port. The company has also teased that 2018 will be a "big year" for the Final Fantasy franchise.

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