Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Reportedly Revealed

We will know for sure later this month.


Final Fantasy XV's release date is scheduled to be announced officially during an event on March 30. But now it appears the date may have been revealed early. Gematsu reports that Final Fantasy XV will arrive for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 30. This information comes from a source and was then backed up by three different independent sources "who would have knowledge of the matter," the site said.

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Of course, nothing is official until Square Enix makes an official announcement at its "Uncovered" event in Los Angeles.

"Our sources in this case are reliable," Gematsu said. "However, given the sensitivity of the matter, and that within a company setting anything can change before it is made public, we're reporting this as a rumor until the release date is officially announced."

A reported Square Enix survey that surfaced last year suggested the company was considering launching Final Fantasy XV this summer. September 30 is just a few days into the fall season.

A September 30 release date comes before the annual rush of big holiday games, which may help it stand out all the more.

It's been a long time coming for Final Fantasy XV. The game was originally announced years ago as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It was later was re-named Final Fantasy XV and shifted from last-generation consoles to current platforms. The game's main concept, world, and story were kept intact during the transition, though there have been some changes.

Check back with GameSpot on March 30 to learn Final Fantasy XV's release date--which has been confirmed for sometime in 2016. Miss Universe may even be at the event.

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