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Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Is Available On Consoles Now

The light will return--in chibi form!


Final Fantasy XV is back again, but instead of ultra-refined graphics, it's a port of its mobile title on consoles. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD is available now on Xbox One, PS4; a Nintendo Switch version will launch later.

Back in February, we saw the launch of FFXV Pocket Edition on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. It's a much more condensed, chibi-esque version of the original game that released in 2016.

On consoles, you'll have the exact same experience you did on mobile. The same chibi art style is still there, the battle system will remain mostly automated, and you'll see the same key sequences. It's also still fully voice acted, and you can ride the chocobos and drive the Regalia too.

For those who are curious about FFXV but aren't ready for a serious, hundreds of hours long JRPG commitment, Pocket Edition might be a good fit because it's intended to be a more casual experience than the original title. Consoles will have HD resolution, but Square has not detailed if that resolution will be 1080p or 4k.

FFXV Pocket Edition HD is available now. From now until September 13, you can pick it up for 40 percent off on Xbox One and PS4.

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