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Final Fantasy 15 PC Guide: Money Making Tips

Below you can find four easy ways to earn money in Final Fantasy 15.

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Final Fantasy XV is finally out now for PC, which means there's a multitude of newcomers playing the game for the first time. For the uninitiated, money can be hard to come by in the game. Unlike other Final Fantasy games, the game prioritizes realism above all else, so veterans, don't expect to get Gil (money) from a monster you slay in a dungeon. You need to be diligent about finding ways to make ends meet, lest you catch yourself in the field with weak weapons and zero healing items. To help you survive the journey to reclaim your kingdom, we've detailed some of the best ways to make money in Final Fantasy XV below. But if you're looking for more general tips, check out our guide detailing 11 tips you should know before starting.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV includes the base game and its various DLC expansions, including those themed around each of your party members and the one adding the Comrades multiplayer mode. Additionally, if you purchase the game by May 1, you'll be entitled to Half-Life/Final Fantasy XV and The Sims 4 crossover content. Also out now is Final Fantasy XV's Royal Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This package includes the base game and all previously released DLC.

Hunting Contracts

Hunting contracts are a great way to earn Gil early on. When you're travelling, stop by any local restaurant and chat with the owner to check out the open hunting contracts they have available. Most contracts offer Gil for your troubles, but others offer additional rewards, such as treasure, healing items, and accessories. However, be wary of the recommended level listed beside each contract. It's a waste of your time if you take on a contract that you're in no way prepared for, so don't get cocky.

Hunting is the most consistent way to earn Gil.
Hunting is the most consistent way to earn Gil.

Hunting is one of the most consistent ways of earning Gil; it's always in your best interest to take on a contract if you're free. But keep in mind, some contracts require you to be a specific rank to choose them. The only way to increase your rank is by completing the contracts available to you. Also, you can only take one contract at a time, so choose your battles wisely.

Carrot Farming

You wouldn't think it, but you can actually grow vegetables in FFXV--carrots to be exact. Growing them can turn you a profit as long as you have the patience to raise them properly. You acquire the ability to grow carrots when you get to a cabin in Cape Caem at a certain point in the story. From there, an NPC gives you carrot seeds that can be planted in the worked soil up the hill near the cabin.

Carrots can be a great source of income.
Carrots can be a great source of income.

After planting the carrot seeds, rest overnight and check on their progress. If a few begin to sprout, you're free to harvest them at any time. However, if you wait longer, you increase the chances of more carrots sprouting. Be wary: once you've harvested them, you'll have to wait a little while before you can start planting more seeds again.

Once you're satisfied, take your harvested carrots to the restaurant owner standing beside the tree, and he'll offer to pay you 500 Gil for each carrot you have. You can sell your batch for a decent profit; alternatively, the restaurant owner also offers to trade you special items for carrots. You can get a random weapon for four carrots, random auto parts for three carrots, and Ulwaat Berries for two carrots.

Sell Your Treasure (But at Your Own Risk)

As you explore the world, you'll gather a multitude of treasures that can be sold at shops for varying amounts of Gil. While you're encouraged to sell Treasures, keep in mind that they can also be used towards the spell crafting process. If you're a heavy magic user, double check what effect the treasure you're looking to sell has on your spells. Perhaps you might want to reconsider selling that Ancient Dragon Tooth, so you can apply Stopcast to a spell, an effect that allows you to halt enemies in their tracks. Otherwise, feel free to sell the treasure you obtain; you'll need all the Gil you can get.

Vyv's Photography Sidequests

Taking photos for the journalist named Vyv is an easy way to get rich quick, so if you're struggling for money, seek out his photography assignments. When you reach Lestallum, head down to the view overlooking the cliffside. You'll find Vyv there and he asks if you can take photographs of the world's landmarks for his articles. This sidequest tasks you to go to a specific location, take a photo, and return to Vyv to complete it. You can go on a multitude of different photography assignments, so long as you keep accepting his subsequent requests, and each time earns you hefty rewards, typically upwards of 12,000 Gil or more.

Vyv's photography assignments offer hefty rewards.
Vyv's photography assignments offer hefty rewards.

However, be mindful of the time of day when you travel to the specified destinations; you won't be able to take the required shots at nighttime. Time your journeys accordingly and seek out overnight accommodations if it gets too late. Eventually this line of sidequests will end after you've completed them all, so don't rely on this as your primary means of earning Gil.

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