Final Fantasy 15 PC Features Free Half-Life Content For A Limited Time

Carry on Gordon's legacy of smacking things with a crowbar.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Half-Life's Gordon Freeman Comes To Final Fantasy 15 PC

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The excruciating wait for a new Half-Life game carries on with no end in sight. If all you care about is seeing protagonist Gordon Freeman in a new setting, Final Fantasy XV may be just the ticket, as Square Enix has announced a new limited-time promotion involving the upcoming PC version.

Players who purchase Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, the RPG's PC version, through Steam by the end of April will receive the Half-Life Pack. This will be distributed through the Steam Workshop and allows you to dress up as Freeman. There are three different components to this: the HEV suit itself, Freeman's glasses, and his signature crowbar, which can be used as a weapon.

These items can be equipped in both the single-player campaign--letting you deal with the bizarre sight of seeing Final Fantasy XV star Noctis cosplaying as Gordon Freeman--or in Comrades, the game's online multiplayer mode. You can see what the latter looks like in the gallery below.

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Square Enix has already released a benchmark tool to help you evaluate your PC's ability to run the game and announced the pre-order bonuses that are available. You'll be able to try out the game itself with a demo releasing for free to everyone on February 26, though the specifics of what that entails have not been shared.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition launches on March 6. That same day will see the release of the Royal Edition on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Avatar image for Swampthing

Willing to bet at least 80% of the people who constantly cry out for more HALF LIFE have never even finished the current games.

Just saying...

Avatar image for urbanman2004

They pulled this same stunt on consoles using A$$ Creed bonus gear as bait and switch. Desperate much for sales aren't they

Avatar image for devilmaycryyyy

Half final life fantasy lol.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

I haven't bought into Final Fantasy since XIII. And that was an utter disappointment.

Everything after X has been downhill.

Avatar image for jenilya

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference... in the world."
The G-Man

Wow, that quote makes so much sense now.

Avatar image for JohnnyGT1

I came here hoping that we got Morgan Freeman in the PC version, but instead we got Gordon Freeman....

Avatar image for deactivated-5c60a3d1c2911

@JohnnyGT1: Hahahaha!

Avatar image for captainjordan

@lonesamurai1: It's unmoddable trash. UWP is .net native. It's an API that hmmm oddly enough functions as the most restrictive type of DRM you can put on PC. It turns PC games into console games. Unmoddable trash. They keep trying to push it with crossplay as well. Thank god Steam said no when they tried to put AOE on Steam in UWP. I'd rather not have the game than touch UWP.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

This happening brings great instability to the Vortessence.

Avatar image for o_mac_2


Avatar image for OtherVulpe

People taking it too seriously, I think. It's an easily ignorable, silly little something alongside the actual extra content the PC version comes with. I wonder whether Valve or Square had the initial idea.

Avatar image for risingdawn

Half Life 3 confir..ah **** it.

Avatar image for gleencross

Oh, my eyes! So disrespectful, this boy band member using the same suit of an alltime classic character. Jokes apart, it's amusing to see Final Fantasy trying cheap tactics like this one (they also brought Assassins Creed skins if I'm not mistaken), releasing ports for PC, etc.. Back in the day, the series had all that glamour, their exclusives sold consoles, PC was treated like shit... Look how the tables turned, lol This is pitiful. Imagine if Kingdom Hearts 3 do not correspond the hype? And that will happen because KH2 was released in... what... 12+ years ago? 12 years of hype and a dead company will correspond that? I doubt it, not even joking or anything.

Avatar image for zura_janai

i'm more worried about 100 gb disk space than the game money.

Avatar image for lostn

That is a bizarre collaboration. I actually checked if it was April 1.

Avatar image for Kusimeka

@lostn: Damn, I remember your name. Let's just say you sure made a lasting impression on me, I remember you claiming FFXV could/should be released immediately on PC just because it was developed on PC lol, as if optimization wasn't a thing. Anyway, atleast we finally got it... Better late than never, woo!

Avatar image for lostn

@Kusimeka: You must have been the one claiming it would never release on PC. It didn't take long before a PC announcement was made.

It was developed FOR PC, then optimized for console later. The PC release of FF titles is held back by Square for piracy reasons, either for a later release, or to never release at all (until they change their mind 15 years later). I don't think FF16 will release day and date on PC, even though again it will be playable on PC before it is on console. It will have nothing to do with optimization reasons. Other devs release their games day and date on PC and console. All of that is done during development.

Avatar image for Kusimeka

@lostn: No I wasn't, pretty sure it was evident it would be released on PC all along.

I don't disagree with you that they could release it day 1 if they want to, nor that they hold the PC port back on purpose, but I'm telling you the game couldn't release day 1 on PC without extra work/dev time to ensure it wasn't an extremely basic port. You say things as if they are fact, when they are not.

Playable on PC does not mean optimized for all different kinds of hardware, operating systems, etc etc, not to mention taking advantage of the platform. I'm a game developer and I know this from experience. Yes, they have the resources and can do that if they want to, for whatever reason they don't and could not release it day 1 without extra effort.

Lastly, you are confused with developed FOR PC and developed WITH PC in mind. The most important thing was ensuring the game ran on PS4/XB1, not PC. I don't need some unreliable source to tell me what's what, I have 5 years experience in the field.

Avatar image for lostn

@Kusimeka: If they needed extra time to fix up the PC version, they would have delayed the other two versions back until they were ready.. This would still count as a day 1 release. Or they could have just had people working on it concurrently while the other two were still being developed. You know, the same way Activision, EA or Ubisoft does things.

"You say things as if they are fact, when they are not."

Don't use words like 'fact'. I myself didn't use the word. So don't assume everything I say is a proclaimation of immutable fact. I simply assumed you were intelligent enough to know when something stated is fact or not without me needing to explicitly label it such. Would you rather I insult your intelligence by inserting "in my opinion" into every sentence? "The Eiffel tower is in France" is a fact. "Company X did Y because.." or anything with a "because" in it is opinion or speculation, unless it came from the horses mouth. I just automatically assumed people would know this without me needing to tell them. I take most if not all of the things you say as non-fact also, even the parts where you don't disagree with me. I just didn't feel like getting pedantic when your assumptions are obvious.

"but I'm telling you the game couldn't release day 1 on PC without extra work/dev time to ensure it wasn't an extremely basic port."

If you've seen Square's track record with PC ports, just about everything they make is an extremely basic port. FF13 had no graphics options whatsoever, and only ran in 720p. Pressing the Esc key would quit you to desktop without warning, like a DOS game from the 80s. This is their standard and it's as basic as it gets. Sadly, a lot of other Japanese devs are not much better with PC ports.

"Playable on PC does not mean optimized for all different kinds of hardware, operating systems, etc etc, not to mention taking advantage of the platform. I'm a game developer and I know this from experience. Yes, they have the resources and can do that if they want to, for whatever reason they don't and could not release it day 1 without extra effort."

It's not got anything to do with effort. Sorry, in my opinion, It's not got anything to do with effort. If Ubisoft, Acitivision, EA, and other large 3rd party developers can do it and are willing to put in the effort, so should Square Enix if they wanted to. The reason they held it back isn't because they weren't willing to put in effort. It's for the same reason most of their Japanese developed major games don't release on PC day and date: they didn't want to release it on PC because they're afraid of piracy. If they delay the PC version until after the console versions have stop selling, they minimize losses to piracy. Those wanting to play it on PC will have bought it for console already, because they didn't know a PC version would release. In my opinion. (God this sounds so stupid).

"Lastly, you are confused with developed FOR PC and developed WITH PC in mind. The most important thing was ensuring the game ran on PS4/XB1, not PC."

I don't bother with the distinction. It's meaningless for multiplatform titles. If it's playable, it's playable. If it's not for some people, it can be patched later, like all PC games, and like the console versions which were very incomplete at launch. The PS4/XB1 versions are expected to sell more copies so they of course get all the focus early. In my opinion.

You already agreed that they could have released it on PC day 1 if they wanted to. Extra work would be needed, but they didn't have to wait till the PS4 and XB1 versions were finished and ready (I'd argue they still aren't) before they're allowed to start working on the PC version. They could have.. worked on it concurrently like other people do, and maybe they did. In my opinion. As a developer, I don't get how you can't understand this. Tasks don't have to be done one after the other. Separate tasks can be done at the same time if they aren't dependent on one another. I'm not a dev, but this is Project Management 101.

If there's any disagreement it's that you don't think it was worth the effort to do it. I think it was deliberately held back to not take sales away from the console version. If the PC version is available day 1, a bunch more people will pirate the game and not buy the console version. Take away the PC version, and that problem goes away, until they've already sold all the copies they're going to sell on the console. That's how Square cuts the equation. Again, in my opinion.

The insider who revealed the status of the XB and PS4 versions of the game during development is a reliable source. He revealed all of the plot details of the game including all twists and the ending. No one believed him and thought he was a troll, but he turned out to be 100% right about everything, including the expected delay. Without inside access to the game, he can't have known all that. And he was the one saying it was only playable to completion on PC. The PS4 version doesn't last more than 2 hours without crashing, and the Xbox version was crashing soon after loading it up. I don't believe someone would make up stuff like this after revealing a score of factual information about the game. It makes no sense. But you, like all people, are entitled to believe anything that makes you feel better and disbelieve anything that doesn't. In my opinion.

Avatar image for Kusimeka

@lostn: Look dude, I respect your commitment, but come on. You know that's far too much text for me to read and reply to in a reasonable manner in a comments section. I agree with more of your opinions than I expected, and I disagree with a few. Anyhow, it's kind of pointless for us to debate at this stage.

Avatar image for Acillatem1993

Even tho I'll buy the game before the set date, I don't think I'll be claiming this suit xD

Avatar image for Xirtahm

..... why? :|

Avatar image for lion2447

Yep, that's what I have been looking for in a FF game, costumes from other games and real looking food. FF games have come so far.