Final Fantasy 15 PC Features Free Half-Life Content For A Limited Time

Carry on Gordon's legacy of smacking things with a crowbar.


The excruciating wait for a new Half-Life game carries on with no end in sight. If all you care about is seeing protagonist Gordon Freeman in a new setting, Final Fantasy XV may be just the ticket, as Square Enix has announced a new limited-time promotion involving the upcoming PC version.

Players who purchase Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, the RPG's PC version, through Steam by the end of April will receive the Half-Life Pack. This will be distributed through the Steam Workshop and allows you to dress up as Freeman. There are three different components to this: the HEV suit itself, Freeman's glasses, and his signature crowbar, which can be used as a weapon.

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These items can be equipped in both the single-player campaign--letting you deal with the bizarre sight of seeing Final Fantasy XV star Noctis cosplaying as Gordon Freeman--or in Comrades, the game's online multiplayer mode. You can see what the latter looks like in the gallery below.

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Square Enix has already released a benchmark tool to help you evaluate your PC's ability to run the game and announced the pre-order bonuses that are available. You'll be able to try out the game itself with a demo releasing for free to everyone on February 26, though the specifics of what that entails have not been shared.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition launches on March 6. That same day will see the release of the Royal Edition on PS4 and Xbox One.

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