Final Fantasy 15 Outfit Coming To The Sims 4

Fashionable duds, without all that giant chicken smell.


EA and Maxis have plans to release some special Final Fantasy XV themed costumes in The Sims 4. The promotion is part of the roll-out of the FFXV Windows Edition coming on March 6. Final Fantasy XV is already slated to get some wacky Sims costumes, but the content-sharing is going both ways, so Sims players will be able to dress up in the hottest fashions of Eos.

Sometime after launch, The Sims 4 Gallery will include a Noctis Lucis Caelum outfit. Players will be able to download the outfit in all its buckled and laced and zippered glory. You can fashion yourself in classic black, white, or green.

Unlike the Sims-themed costumes, this doesn't require a pre-order or purchase on the Origin service. Instead, it appears to be a free costume for anyone who plays The Sims 4, whether they're Final Fantasy fans or not. So even if you couldn't tell a Noct from a Gladio, you can still get a snazzy new outfit.

Meanwhile, the Sims-themed outfits you can get in FFXV include the iconic Llama Suit and Plumbob Suit. Those are available for your avatar to wear in the multiplayer expansion, or for Noctis to wear throughout the single-player campaign if you like your weighty melodrama to be peppered with some absurdity. You can check those out in the video above.

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