Final Fantasy 15 Lets You Pause Combat and Think Things Through

Director Hajime Tabata reveals Square Enix's solution to player feedback.


Final Fantasy XV's combat does not have to be fully real-time. Square Enix today revealed that the game includes an option for pausing combat, lending a more traditional JRPG feel to the game.

During a livestream featuring the game today, director Hajime Tabata mentioned that there has been a lot of feedback from players who either struggled with or didn't like the real-time combat. So Square Enix has come up with a solution, which you can see at the 54:36 mark of the video below.

Wait mode is enabled in the options menu and lets you pause combat, providing you with time to contemplate each action before taking it. If you have the option turned on, the action will pause whenever you stop pressing any buttons. There is, however, a limit on how long you can hit the brakes; a Wait meter slowly drains whenever things are paused.

Square Enix also this week revealed a VR version of Final Fantasy XV that likely won't be sold separately.

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