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Final Fantasy 15 Frame Rate, Story Length Discussed by Director

Developer targeting 30fps and believes it will take you around 50 hours to complete main story.


Ahead of the big Final Fantasy XV announcement event next week, director Hajime Tabata has shared some new details on the long-in-development game's frame rate and story length.

As reported by Siliconera, he said during a NicoNico livestream that maintaining 30fps is Square Enix's objective. However, since the game is not totally optimized yet, there are instances when it falls below this mark. Tabata said Square Enix will continue to optimize in the time before launch in hopes of achieving a steady 30fps.

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As for the game's run time, Tabata said Square Enix originally projected it would take around 40 hours to complete the main game, but now, the company estimates the length to be about 50 hours. The game has more "volume" than Square Enix originally planned at the start, Tabata said.

Of course, people play games at their own pace, so 50 hours is not necessarily how long it will take you to play through Final Fantasy XV. But it does signal that, as you might have imagined, the game sounds like it's very big.

Also during the livestream, Tabata said Final Fantasy XV's resolution will be revealed during the release date announcement on March 31. Additionally, he said Square Enix is working with Sony to offer a PlayStation 4 bundle for the game, but there's no word on an Xbox One edition.

According to a report earlier this month, Final Fantasy XV will launch on September 30.

It's been a long time coming for Final Fantasy XV. The game was originally announced years ago as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It was later was re-named Final Fantasy XV and shifted from last-generation consoles to current platforms. The game's main concept, world, and story were kept intact during the transition, though there have been some changes.

Check back with GameSpot on March 30 to learn Final Fantasy XV's release date. Miss Universe may even be at the event.

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