Final Fantasy 15 Delay Confirmed, New Release Date Announced

Square Enix announces new launch date for Final Fantasy XV, nearly two months later than its previous release date.

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Final Fantasy XV

UPDATE August 15, 2:30 pm PT

Representatives from Square Enix reached out to confirm that the release date for the digital film, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, has not been changed from its original release schedule. Kingsglaive will come to theaters on August 19, Digital HD on August 30, and DVD on October 4. You can read our full review of the tie-in film right here.

The original story appears below.

Following several reports that the release of upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy XV has been delayed, Square Enix has confirmed a new launch date for the game. Final Fantasy XV will be released globally on November 29--nearly two months later than its previously scheduled September 30 launch date.

According to a statement released by Square Enix, the new date "will allow the development teams time to further polish and conduct quality testing so that the reality of the game can match the expectations of both the fans and the creative teams."

Game director Hajime Tabata said: "From the moment we joined this project, our vision was to create a level of freedom and realism previously unseen in the series. Regrettably, we need a little bit more time to deliver on this vision and are confident that this new release date will help us achieve this.

"As the director and lead of this project, I wish to personally apologize for the additional wait. As a team, we want Final Fantasy XV to achieve a level of perfection that our fans deserve. We kindly ask for your understanding."

Speaking in a video posted to YouTube (embedded above), Tabata explained that the team had finished working on a "master version" of Final Fantasy XV, and subsequently began working on a day-one patch. According to the video, Tabata felt that the contents of the patch should ship with the final game and not just be applied as a downloadable update, which led to the decision to delay the game's release date.

Square Enix will confirm whether this delay will affect the disc release of both Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV "at a later time."

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Despite not being able to do much for my gaming needs since the merge, no one can complain about "buggy software" when it comes from Square-Enix. Moreover, this game is trying to do all kinds of things for Final Fantasy fans that they haven't been able to do since Final Fantasy X (which I dislike, but that's a personal issue). Unfortunately the gaming community nowadays is mostly comprised by jaded bandwagoners that seem to be much more interested in online bashing than in actually playing video games. Some 15 years ago, when a new game was announced, the general consensus would usually be "this looks cool. I'm gonna try it". But it has gone from that to "THIS GAME SUX I HATE YOU SQUENIX SUCK MY D**K".

Well, you guys can kill yourselves over it. I know I'm buying a PS4 just for this game (and the eventual FFVII remake) and I'm gonna enjoy it, you know why?

Because that's what grown-ups do.

Avatar image for Abberon


I'm sorry, but this is one of the most foolish comments I've read in a long time. Pure silliness on every level.

15 years ago, people got excited about new Final Fantasy games because that was before Square started crapping the bed. Since then they've done nothing but shovel out garbage, spin-offs and overpriced ports in our faces. The flak these games get from the community is well-deserved, especially when you look at how lame FFXV is turning out to look.

As for buying a PS4 just to play Final Fantasy XV, is that really what you think grown-ups do?


Avatar image for edhc44

@Abberon: Nice way to warp my words. I didn't say that I'll buy a PS4 because I'm a grown-up. That's stupid.

Adults consume media based on their own opinion and personal tastes, because by the time you reach a certain age, you don't need validation from your peers to "like" something. You know from your own background whether you're inclined to enjoy something or not. This is particularly interesting while I watch a generation younger than me whose only drive is to "flak" stuff because that's what the "cool kids" do. Too bad some older fellows are too weak-minded and follow suit.

Regarding the game itself, it seems like a fresh entry in the FF series. Most complaints seem to come from the cast looks, or the combat system. I wasn't very pleased by the combat showcased at E3 this year, but there's a difference between seeing a game in action and actually playing it. It all boils down to the player's mindset. If you're half-hearted about a game and get into it by thinking "this is gonna suck", surprise! It will suck. Shit can suck even if you're enthusiastic about it (that was my case with FFX), let alone if you're telling yourself for months that you're not gonna like it.

On the other hand, if you have a positive outlook, you're bound to be more successful in finding joy. Combat seemed way too loose in my opinion, but maybe I'm wrong. I'll only know when I get to play it.

About the cast, they sure look dumb, but don't they always do? This kind of thing might have been appealing when I was 16, now I just don't care. What I see is a prince and his entourage in a technological setting and I find this appealing, specially when we consider it has never been done before. There's a huge open world (which I'll bet is seamless, considering it could be done in Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U, of all platforms), and I can only hope for inspired, sprawling futuristic cities, which is something I long to see ever since I started playing JRPGs some 20 years ago. For me, those alone are reasons to buy a PS4 and FFXV, even more so after I spent a long time in a limbo waiting for a game to come along and blow me away while I put no effort whatsoever towards even trying to like the damn thing. In the end, it all comes down to personal choice.

You don't have to agree with me. Heck, I don't even want you to. But you MUST respect that everyone is different and are entitled to like whatever the hell they want, regardless of what you think of it.

And THAT's what grown-ups do. Maybe you will get it someday.

Avatar image for Abberon


Yeah I get what you're saying, but you're actually not any more open-minded than the "jaded band-wagoners" you're attempting to dismiss. They're jaded because they've been getting terrible games from Square for 10+ years. A lot of them (probably most) grew up loving the franchise and absolutely hate what it's become.

As far as I'm concerned, the Final Fantasy brand is worth absolutely nothing now. There are certainly plenty of people like yourself that don't feel that way (I mean even FF XIII-3 sold over a million copies), but you have to understand there's a reason that so much of the former base has a hate on for the studio. What Square has done with the brand is actually remarkable. They've taken one of the most trusted and beloved IP's in gaming since the 90's and turned it into a garbage brand for much of the fanbase.

Just look at things from a purely business/branding perspective. FFXIII was a mess, right? A disastrous, expensive and way-to-long development cycle ended with a dud final product, lukewarm reception and sales that failed to meet expectations. Fans (customers) disliked the cast, hated like the battle-system, felt constrained by how linear the game was, and (worst of all for a FF title) thought the story was ridiculous. How did Square react? They doubled-down. They took a character and story people didn't like in the first place and offered a sequel that nobody was asking for. Predictably only about 50% of people came back for this sequel, hoping Square had learned from its mistakes. Sadly, they were once again disappointed. How did Square react this time? Preposterously they doubled down AGAIN. This time, less than 1/4 of the people who played the original game bought the 3rd installment, since Square already proved they don't learn from their mistakes. There was no reason to have any faith in them.

There's still no reason to have faith in them. FF XV has been in development for over 10 years and that alone points to serious problems. The publisher KNOWS that the brand is in a bad state and is desperate to not fail again. Unfortunately, things don't look good. The cast, once again, is a mash-up of idiotic caricatures and unlikable clichés. The battle-system (as per the norm for Square by now) appears to be another hot-mess of clunky, poorly executed "innovation". I can't speak about the story (which in the past was the hallmark of FF), but since characters are one of the most important parts of any story, and since we're expected to follow Tetsuya's adolescent and laughable "Noctis, Ignis etc..." around all game, there's no reason to expect the story to be good and plenty of reasons to expect it to be bad.

Avatar image for edhc44

@Abberon: Actually, you're mostly right, except when you assume that I'm not disappointed with the franchise.

I think I've never hyped a game as much as I did with Final Fantasy X. I mean, VII through IX where games that defined my teenage years. Late 2002, I managed to buy a PS2 and that game, something that in the mind of a then 18-year-old me, was the top priority in life (well, I had gotten into college anyway). To my dismay (and this is something I only came to understand several years later), I was no longer a highschooler and I fell flat on my ass. Tidus was an insufferable protagonist, Yuna was a strange cross between damsel in distress and mary sue and apart from Auron, the rest of the cast was forgettable at best. By the time the blitzball championship was over, I was so fed up with the game that I could even tell by its blandness that a plot-twist was coming. I just told myself "I'll take anything but please, don't say that Sin is Jecht". Needless to say that this moment broke my spirit and took away my drive to merely play video games.

I drifted away from the gaming community but kept "trying to like" video games and particularly, Final Fantasy games. But nothing seemed to catch my eye. FFX-2 (yeah, I've played that) is laughable - apart from a solid combat system that is buried too deep into layers of girl power; FFXI is non-existent; I didn't buy into the setting of XII or its attempt to be an offline-MMO from the get-go. XIII is rather odd to me: after surviving the 15-hour long tutorial, I came to enjoy the battle system and Gran Pulse's sense of scale - something unrivaled at the time, at least for JRPG standards. In fact, once I began to master it, I was having actual fun and went on to get all 1000G on the game; something I couldn't do in any other last-gen game due to sheer lack of time, will or both. Despite this, XIII is an ok game if you have the stomach for enduring Square-Enix's dementia that strikes the first quarter of it, and a really crappy Final Fantasy entry. I refuse to comment on XIII-2 (even though I've played most of it) or "XIII-3" (quit - laughing my ass off - before reaching the half-hour mark).

I should point out that I didn't expect much from any of those games and yet they managed to succeed in increasing by bitterness and even hatred towards the franchise. So, why am I excited about the upcoming game? It is a gut feeling at best. But there are some facts to support it: Nomura left the project one and a half year ago, so that's a plus right there. New director Hajime Tabata seems a straight-forward, to-the-point fellow: he rebuked "feminist" reaction on the character Cindy or the fact that the main party is comprised only by male characters by basically saying "it is my game and I won't compromise my vision". In fact he stated this over and over again (the fact that "his vision" was someone else's vision two years ago is debatable, but bear with me). Even the in video where he announced this recent delay, he seemed quite frank and honest about it. I've been following the FF series for so long I can trust that something good strikes me when it comes from this guy.

As for the game itself, like I previously said: I don't care about the stupid character design and I'm on the fence about the battle system. Plot is always a question mark, but they effort with the surprisingly well-received anime series is a positive marker (I haven't watched it, BTW). Monsters look good, the world looks expansive (it honestly makes me inexplicably happy) and the setting hits me in all the sweet spots.

So, am I saying that FFXV is gonna be a masterpiece? Honestly, I don't think so. But if they don't mess up the basics (such as exploration and pacing), I'm positive that they're making a game I'm very likely to enjoy. Maybe as much as I could've enjoyed FFX so many years ago.

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well. noth demos are bbad. people who played it at e3 have no positive things to say about it. The probably in a panic mode. game has probably gone gold but its not good as it is they probably working on a massive day 1 patch and the content they cut or dlcs

Avatar image for zeromanzero

@El_Zaggy: it thought the demos were good but maybe I have different standards.

Avatar image for haanabi89

Delay after delay and when they finally release it it will still be a buggy mess lol. I just hope the its a good game, its almost like theyre afraid to release it!

Avatar image for captnforever

@haanabi89: says someone that hasnt finished a single ff game...

Avatar image for coldsilfur4

52 minutes! Brand new Gameplay Video published by Square Enix today:

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@coldsilfur4: Good vid, thanks for the link.

Avatar image for lyfa

why is everyone complaining 'bout the delay? - The digital version will still be released on Sep. 30th :o just check the press conference and PSN/X1 Store.

Avatar image for zeromanzero

@lyfa: wait are you sure!!!! If you are lying then I will go loco

Avatar image for zeromanzero

@nibbin1191: the duscae one is way better and I spend an hour trying to get the Titan glitch till I realized it was patched. One thing I love about the platinum demo is the cross shuriken because it is just so fun. I can't wait to get it in the main game. I hate how I did not preorder it from GameStop for a kings tale. Praying for a solo release. I'm betting most people preordered from ps store, sq store, or Amazon and are pissed. I hope.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@nibbin1191: The platinum demo isnt much of a demo at all and is only a dream sequence. Episode Duscae was a much better insight into this game and even that was a stunted version of what the game will be.

Avatar image for zeromanzero

@gotrekfabian: I liked the ff duscae controls better for some reason.

Avatar image for coldsilfur4


its not even a snippet.. its more or less a tech demo.. that wont be part of the final game..

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

It'll get another delay into 2017.

Avatar image for zeromanzero

@Bread_or_Decide: lies all lies don't make me cry. I've been waiting too long.

Avatar image for leon-strife

I just canceled my preorder. I have this bad feeling about this game. Like a veil of misfortune or something. I will wait for reviews before I buy this. I loved all Final Fantasy titles, but I got a bad feeling about this one.... Hope I am wrong.

Avatar image for zeromanzero

@leon-strife: I can't cancel since I preordered from ps store. I have lower standards so I should have ordered from GameStop.

Avatar image for fend_oblivion

It sucks having to wait a bit more, but I'd rather have a game that is relatively bug-free and avoids crap like day one patches. I've waited years for Shenmue 3. I can definitely wait 2 more months for Final Fantasy XV lol

Avatar image for dark_420

@fend_oblivion: It still won't be bug-free.

Avatar image for 00J

@fend_oblivion: You think they still won't have a massive day one patch? haha haha

Avatar image for FkzAz

The issue here is the Luminous Engine (the engine they created)...

If you followed the dev diaries, and other interviews, you wold realise the nightmare that it was for them to tune up the game for this consoles generation...

They made a engine more powerfull than what the current Gen can take...

Hence why they are using Unreal Engine 4 for FFVII :)

Avatar image for amdreallyfast

I did notice that Tabata said, "We kindly ask for your understanding" rather than assume that he had it. I appreciate that.

Avatar image for amdreallyfast

I've waited this long. I can wait a few more months. Being a software engineer myself, I can appreciate the complexity of an absurdly large program like this, so I am willing to wait for the latest bug fixes to undergo proper review and go gold. Perhaps it is better that it release near the end of the fall semester rather than the beginning (unless you want to complete your finals).

Avatar image for 00J

@amdreallyfast: i too understand but hasn't this been in development hell since 2006...

Avatar image for amdreallyfast

@00J:Fortunately no. Incoming history wall :)

It was a concept in 2006. The trailer that we saw at 2006 was for a game that barely had anything more than a skeleton concept. Much like a car manufacturer designs and builds a fantastic concept car to give customers and investors and idea of what they can do and to give the rest of the company a direction, so this trailer was made to show off a story concept. That was where FF 13 failed. It wasn't until the E3 2006 trailer (which they slapped together) that the dev teams finally said, "Oooohhh...that's what we're doing." FF 13 released and felt like a many isolated projects. I doubt this was coincidence.

FF Versus 13 started with the conceptual trailer to get everyone on track, and by "everyone" I mean a small, core dev team to work out what the game was going to be. It was originally an idea for a dark, Kingdom-Hearts-style action game. It was going be a small FF offshoot.

Then time went on and Tetsuya Nomura and his writers and expanded their ideas and their world grew. As they were growing it, some software people spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make an open world and how the sword-teleportation thing would work. Open world games often fake detail by putting facades on geometry, but now the sword teleportation thing wants a lot of scenery stuff to be climbable and collideable rather than invisible walls. And if you can teleport to a building's side, how high can you go? Can airships get involved? Based on demos, Nomura apparently said "yes". This is an enormous technical challenge. The first publically shown gameplay demo wasn't released until 2011, and it only showed off some early open world concepts.

So they kept tinkering and exploring ideas until late 2011, when pre-production ceased and it entered full production (it hasn't been in full productoin since 2006, only since 2011). Then in early 2013 they released the first video showing working sword teleportation. This tech stuff took awhile.

It almost hit some rocky times in 2013 when Square Enix post record company losses, so the CEO resigned and the new guy engaged in a major re-evaluation and re-structuring of the company to figure out what was making money and what wasn't. Fortunately for us and Final Fantasy, FF Versus 13 was deemed an excellent candidate, as were Kingdom Hearts 3 and a FF VII remake. FF Versus 13 was re-branded into a main FF entry, Tetsua Nomura was asked to put together ideas for KH 3 and a FF VII remake, and after about a year to make sure that Hajime Tabata was down with his evolving vision for Versus 13, the former was tasked with the other two games and Hajame was given full direction over XV. This change was largely driven by money, but it wasn't simply a panicked money grab. The CEO and directors understand that making money requires making good products that appease millions of now grown-up fans who have jobs and money. And what a coincidence that both KH 3 and FF VII remake trailers were released in 2014 :).

So the concept has been around from the start, which was a really good idea in my opinion because it gave some atmospheric and gameplay direction to guide the technical people. Then they spent a long time fleshing out the world, working on technical challenges (not just the first open world FF game, but one of the biggest open world games period), entered full production just a few years ago, and are now wanting to avoid the day one patch by getting it into the finished product.

Long development, yes. Development hell, definitely not.

Avatar image for edhc44

@amdreallyfast: Nice post :)

Avatar image for sonypony4eva

It will get delayed again for a February release a week into November lol. Gotta get it ready for Neo while gathering more DLC and microtransactions like stupid costumes and other cosmetics.

Avatar image for Netret0120

GOTY quality or this signals the beginning of the end for Final Fantasy.

You guys have had 10 years to develop this. Heck FF7,10 took less than 3 years to make and they are masterpieces.

Avatar image for sonypony4eva

@Netret0120: Final Fantasy 7 is my favorite game of all time and I play Final Fantasy 10 remastered for PS4 from time to time. 10 isn't a masterpiece, but I'll give it a solid 8.5 out of 10. Tidus being a huge baby throughout he entire game gets a full point subtracted lol.

Avatar image for dark_420

@Netret0120: FF7 was a masterpiece. FF10 was not IMO, simply because it just wasn't as innovative as FF7.

I don't think FFXV is going to offer that level of innovation either, but it's going to offer a less linear world, which might make up for it.

Avatar image for amdreallyfast

@Netret0120: "FF7,10 took less than 3 years to make"

One does not simply make a large scale RPG. The open-world tech alone looks to be giving Witcher 3 a run for its money. The technical complexity and visual detail of this game are to FF7,10 as the Boeing 787 is to a Cessna.

Avatar image for rickjamesia

@Netret0120: I don't think it's going to signal the beginning of the end no matter what they do. I think they're on pretty solid ground right now despite the incredibly vocal minority on the internet.

Avatar image for Netret0120

@rickjamesia: I hope so because Final Fantasy is one of my favourite series of all time. I'm going to play this no matter what but being taken for granted might make others skip this completely.

Avatar image for imajinn

SE is full of shit as always. They announce a date and when it's close, they change it. Get your shit together SE. People say "I waited 10 years, whats a few more months?" >.> We've already waited 10 years!! Wtf do you need to polish after 10 years?

Avatar image for mjgrierson

@imajinn: If only it was that simple lol. We've seen the development in stages, played the demos. There is plenty to optimise its a good thing its being delayed because I guarantee you people would maon igf it launched with frame rate hiccups etc.

Avatar image for guitarist1980

I wasn't crazy about the E3 stage demo. I am ok if the gameplay is not so great but I mainly play or use to play the FF games for their stories. Its probably the sony VR that is holding up the release date.

Avatar image for TheZeroPercent

--it is DEFINITELY a unique fine tuned looking little game
--but 10 years to build?
--and they r STILL delaying it? Ha

Avatar image for 00J

@TheZeroPercent: haha, it would take less time to build a base on the moon.

Avatar image for deseo1990

After this this game better be game of year quality because if you delay a game that long and it still blows you guys gonna loose my future purchases ether way disappointed an i hope early delux gamers get a bonus for the delay

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@deseo1990: They have delayed games muuuuuuuuuuuuch longer - some turned out pretty shitty and some good.

I would rather waste concerns on more important things like Trump vs Hillary, that or just take a hammer and smash my nuts till I understand the futility of it all.

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

This Tabata guy is very likeably compared to any other top-name game creator. You can feel that he's being at least half-genuine in this video.

What's a bit weird is how soooo many things were TIED to that 30 Sep date and they still broke it. 2 more months is OK, I guess, since we've already waited more than 10 years, but it won't be good for Square commercially and in terms of good faith.