Final Fantasy 14/Yo-Kai Watch Crossover on the Way This Summer

Final Fantasy XIV's content includes new weapons and a mount.


Square Enix has announced the details of a crossover between Final Fantasy XIV and the Yo-Kai Watch series that will see content from each franchise appear in the other.

This was revealed during FFXIV's latest Letter From the Producer livestream. On the MMO's side, FFXIV players will be able to get their hands on special weapons designed to resemble various Yo-Kai (the Pokemon-esque creatures from Level-5's franchise). There will also be a new mount modeled after Whisper (the ghost-looking Yo-Kai) and Yo-Kai minions to collect. This is all expected out sometime this summer.

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You can see all of these weapons and the mount in the gallery above. According to a recap on the official FFXIV forums, the minions will be relatively easy to collect, while the process for obtaining weapons will be more challenging. This is because Level-5 president Akihiro Hino thought it would be best if "you have to put some thought into which weapon you want to aim for."

Gematsu reports the Yo-Kai games will also get some Final Fantasy-themed content. Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Yo-Kai Watch 3: Tempura, both of which launch in Japan this summer, will feature two new Yo-Kai; one looks like a Chocobo, while the other looks like a Moogle.

Image credit: Gematsu
Image credit: Gematsu

Yo-Kai Watch made its western debut late last year with the release of Yo-Kai Watch for 3DS. While it hasn't made quite as a big of splash overseas so far, it remains wildly popular in Japan.

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