Final Fantasy 14's Server Issues Are Due To DDoS Attacks

"The attack is still continuing to take place [as attackers are] changing their methods at every moment," says Square Enix.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Final Fantasy 14's Server Issues Are Due To DDoS Attacks

Final Fantasy XIV's ongoing network issues are the result of DDoS attacks, according to publisher Square Enix. In a post on the game's official website the company offered an update on server problems that have plagued the game since the launch of its newest expansion, Stormblood.

The update states North American servers are being attacked and that the technical team is having some trouble resolving the issues.

"We have confirmed that since June 16th, we have been experiencing DDoS attacks from an anonymous third-party targeting the Final Fantasy XIV game servers on the NA data center," reads the post.

"Our technical staff is taking every possible measure to address this issue but the attack is still continuing to take place by changing their methods at every moment. We will continue to monitor and work on recovery from every possible angle."

As noted in the post, DDoS attacks are designed to flood serves with information so that it struggles to handle the load, thus crippling performance. DDoS attacks are often concerted efforts involving numerous PCs all targeting the same servers.

"Due to this attack, our game servers, network equipment, and network connection are being hit with heavy load at an extensive level, which is causing a disconnection from the game and login difficulties," Square Enix added. "Our technical staff is continuing to work on countermeasures for this issue."

The company also assured players that, despite the attacks, the personal information connected to Final Fantasy XIV accounts is not in danger.

"With the attack we are currently experiencing, only a massive number of access attempts are being made, so character data and personal information registered to our customers' accounts are not in danger of being exposed."

An early-access period for Stormblood began on June 16 for anyone who pre-ordered the game, but all players were allowed onto game servers on June 20, with the official launch of the expansion. A big patch for the game was recently released and we got the chance to talk with the company about reinventing the MMO for beginners.

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So people were upset because streamers got ahead of everyone else leading to a backlash after raubahn msq locked out 90% of people from playing.

Now the game is weird and unbalanced. Squares customer service has been atrocious lately too. I don't know what to do now after talking with several people. I just hope they get it fixed for everyone else.

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And the early access was spent in wainting to play the game....

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And they want crossplay? Pfftt lol

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Dern Canadians :P.. Who'd attack this game? Weird.

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Online gaming is a disaster.

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Probably people mad that the lineups for quests are so long.

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@girlusocrazy: raubahn was here

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WoW virgin fanboys, I guess....

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@mari3k: Well I hope they get caught and then they won't be virgins by the time they finish their prison sentence.

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And this is way online only games are always a bad idea because of idiot skids. I like to see thoses loser try to attack campaign modes of offline games oh wait they cant

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@fanboysaretrash: That's a silly conclusion to come to.

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@nibbin1191: Darn kids? Stupidity, anger, irresponsible behaviour and trolling are not exclusive to age. I know plenty of adults who are blatantly irresponsible.

If you ever have kids, please don't assume they are wrong or irresponsible. Children today have way more problems to deal with when I was growing up. With all the bullying, parents should LISTEN. Please don't just assume all kids are trouble. They may need your help.

As for xiv, most people playing know what's going on. If your a player, I suggest just waiting til the dust settles before pointing fingers. Someone in my F2F told me to shut up cause nobody cared what I thought. I didn't argue wit him. Because I wasn't angry, I was sad. I thought this would be the patch I get to enjoy content with them. Guess not. I hardly ever talk for fear of being criticized. So maybe they never liked me.

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@nibbin1191: ohhhh

yeah. GREAT joke.../s

Dumb ass...

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@nibbin1191: You Shutup now....

I dont give a shit what an elititist shit eater thinks after having a 300 ilvl AST be kicked today for no reason.

and I certainly don't give 2 shits about you.... so...

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@nibbin1191: I already Said to leave me alone. You have NO idea what has been happening. I had to contact SE DIRECTLY. Stop hassling me. I am having the issue not you. Understand?

I will not respond again you ass hat.

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@nibbin1191: here, let me fix it for you: would you kindly please Shut the **** up?

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@nibbin1191: Very elite minded very judgemental of MY personal situation. Look dip shit. Just like Your family I can ignore you on gamespot by OTHER means. If you reply after this message, I will no longer receive notifications from you. People like you only limit the potential of others.

And you are an ass hole. Have you heard of a comedian named Lewis Black? Constantly angry, constantly funny. You have to use your anger to push through the cheaters by playing fair. And now elitists are mad I got as far as then by playing fair when they cheated.

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@nibbin1191: Don't worry man, I got your joke. Pegged the WD2 reference as well.

Also gotta say, really don't understand the point of repeatedly telling someone to shut up and stop responding to you instead of simply not responding yourself. That whole exchange was just confusing, very confusing.

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@nibbin1191: You talk like donald trump:

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No you are just stoopid....

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So let's give them recognition... These are nothings who aren't worth being talked about.

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@TylerGamer84: It's either acknowledging the situation, or not doing so and being blamed for server issues that aren't their fault. Which would you choose?