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Final Fantasy 14 Is Free To Play For Returning Players This Weekend

The FF14 free-login campaign has been going on since mid-April, and it's coming to an end this week.


If you've played Final Fantasy XIV previously and fallen off the game since then, you can currently dive back in for free for a limited time. To encourage people to revisit Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix is offering up to eight days of free playtime for people who have previously purchased and registered Final Fantasy XIV. To be eligible, your account must have been inactive for at least 30 days, and it must be set as inactive during the free play period.

Unfortunately, there's not much time left to take advantage of the offer, but if you start playing this week, you'll still have time to make full use of the free period. The campaign kicked off April 14 and will run until May 17 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. Once you log in, you have eight days to play the game for free--after that, you'll have to purchase a subscription to FFXIV to keep playing. It's also important to note you can only log in on platforms your account is registered to. For more details on the free login campaign and eligibility, see the offer page at Square Enix.

Of course, for players new to the game, there's also a free trial period that lets you play up to level 35, but eventually, you'll have to get a subscription to keep playing FFXIV. The standard membership costs $12 for your first month; after that, it costs $15 a month for 30 days, $14 a month for 90 days, and $13 a month if you opt for a year-long subscription. But if you're not ready to commit, you can also buy 60-day time cards at Amazon for $30 each.

With so many people stuck inside with more time than usual on their hands, it's really an ideal time to revisit FFXIV. In GameSpot's Shadowbringers review, the latest FFXIV expansion earned a "superb" 9/10 for its well-paced narrative full of heart and efficient storytelling, expertly crafted dungeons, and more. "For a story that starts with a laser focus on your character's motivations and misgivings, it tells a tale that ends up being the biggest and the best that Final Fantasy XIV has ever told," wrote critic Ginny Woo. "Equal parts redemption, vengeance, cruelty, and sassy Elezen, Shadowbringers promises a hell of a lot when you take your first steps into Norvrandt and delivers a truly spectacular finish even if it stumbles a little along the way."

h/t Cheap Ass Gamer

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