Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Steam And PS4 Patch Adds Job Reset In Update

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age had a few extra features in its Switch and Xbox One versions, but PC and PS4 players can now access them too.


Until now, the Xbox One and Switch versions of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age have had extra features that the PS4 and PC releases did not. The job reset function, which allowed you to change jobs easily mid-game, and the expanded Gambit system were not available.

That's now changed. Patch has landed on Steam, and it contains just two changes:

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  • Job reset function has been added
  • Gambit system has been expanded to 3 sets

This brings the Steam version of the popular Final Fantasy entry in line with the Switch and Xbox One versions, meaning that anyone playing on PC can now reset their jobs easily. Gematsu is reporting that this patch has also come to the PS4 version of the game.

Despite missing these features, the PS4 version of the game earned a 9/10 in GameSpot's review. "While its enhancements do not translate into a brand new game for existing fans, The Zodiac Age is nonetheless invigorating," wrote reviewer Miguel Concepcion. "For an experience that can last over a hundred hours, the subtle tweaks therein go a long way in showcasing Final Fantasy 12's grand trek in a new light. Its epic, lore-abundant story and its time-tested Gambit System should also appeal to those who missed out on the mainline series' trip to Ivalice the first time around."

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