Final Fantasy 12 Devs Considering a New Game Using the Gambit System

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age leads discuss what could be next.


Final Fantasy XII marked a significant departure from previous games in the series with the introduction of its Gambit system. While the series has since moved on from it, the game's developers revealed they have contemplated new games in the XII sub-series or even a totally new game using the Gambit system.

The 10-year-old XII recently returned to the limelight with the announcement of a remastered version, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. During a roundtable discussion with producer Hiroaki Kato and director Takashi Katano (both of whom worked on the original game), they discussed whether XII was their first choice for a remaster project.

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"The only game they really considered remastering was [Final Fantasy] XII," Katano said through a translator. "If anything, they were maybe considering using the Gambit system and taking that and developing a completely new game out of that, but that's still something they are thinking about."

Not only are they considering that, but they want to know whether fans are interested in such a game.

"If you actually write that in the article, if you get feedback with that, that might encourage them to work on a new game," he continued.

Final Fantasy XII saw one spinoff, Revenant Wings, for DS back in 2007. But compared with Final Fantasy XIII and XV--both of which have expanded well beyond the confines of a single game--that's almost nothing.

When asked if they might return to the XII series, Katano and Kato seemed open to it--again, pending fan feedback.

"We're looking forward to feedback on this new Zodiac Age version of the game," Kato said. "Based on whatever kind of feedback we might get from that, that's something we'd consider. If you can put it in your article and sort of fan the flames, the feedback really makes a difference."

A sequel to Final Fantasy XII was in the works at one point, only for it to be canceled. We got our first look at it last year.

The Zodiac Age is slated for release in Japan next year.

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