Figurines figure into Civ V Special Edition

$100 version of Firaxis' latest turn-based strategy title comes with five miniatures, soundtrack, art book, "Making of" documentary.


Sid Meier's Civilization V
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Take-Two had a batch of bad news to deliver earlier this week when it announced it would be letting go of about 20 staffers at Civilization V studio Firaxis. Today, the publisher has returned with decidedly happier news concerning Firaxis, announcing a $99.99 collector's edition for Civilization V. The game will also be available in a $49.99 standard-edition retail configuration when it launches for the PC on September 21.

For their extra $50, Civilization V Special Editions purchasers will receive a small contingent of figurines. Crafted by Reaper Miniatures, the five figurines are based on units from Civilization V and range from a marauding barbarian to a modern-day special ops rifleman to a far-future mech warrior. The collector's edition will also include a two-disc CD soundtrack, a "Behind the Scenes" DVD, and a 176-page hardcover art book.

Firaxis' idea of a
Firaxis' idea of a "5 for V."

The latest installment in the decades-old PC turn-based strategy franchise features a number of changes to the established formula. For example, the game is being built on an all-new engine, and for the first time, the series will move to a hexagonal playfield grid. Firaxis has also overhauled the game's combat system and introduced ranged bombardment options, animated world leaders who speak in their own languages, and a built-in community hub allowing players to swap scenarios and other content without leaving the game.

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