Fight Night punches PS3s December 12

EA announces street date for pugilistic PlayStation 3 puncher, releases new screens of Get in the Ring mode.


Fight Night Round 3

Ever since the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo, gamers have had a hunch that Fight Night Round 3 was coming to the PlayStation 3. Initially revealed through a tech demo at Sony's pre-E3 2005 press conference, the game was finally formally announced for the next-gen system in late August. However, Electronic Arts disclosed only that the game would be available "this holiday season."

Now future PS3 owners know exactly when they'll be able to punch in the faces of digital versions of Muhammad Ali and company. EA will release Fight Night Round 3 for the PS3 on December 12.

The company also released new screenshots of the Get in the Ring mode. The PS3-exclusive mode puts gamers in a first-person perspective, allowing them to see firsthand the blows that will knock them flat on their backs. Get in the Ring will also be accompanied by the appropriate audio cues, such as ear ringing, restricted vision, and blur effects.

Fight Night Round 3 for the PlayStation 3 has not yet been rated and will retail for $59.99. For more information, check GameSpot's previous coverage.

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