Fight Night 3 bobs, weaves to PS3

[UPDATE] EA's punching bag headed to Sony's next-gen console; new Get in the Ring mode, ESPN integration will be exclusive to system.


Fight Night Round 3

In the least surprising boxing statement to be made since "Mike Tyson is batty," Electronics Arts today officially announced a Fight Night game for the PlayStation 3. Gamers have been all but certain the franchise was headed to the console since Sony's pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo 2005 conference, when a live tech demo of the game was shown as EA's centerpiece of the event.

Of course, the only thing not certain was the game's title, seeing how Fight Night Round 3 has been out for the current-gen systems and the Xbox 360 since early this year. Though some gamers thought EA may punch out Round 4 for the PS3, the game will, in fact, be titled Fight Night Round 3.

That's not to say it will be the exact same game. FNR3 for the PS3 will feature some exclusive content, including a mode known as Get in the Ring; details on the new feature were not available. Also in the PS3 version is ESPN integration, which can currently be seen in newer EA Sports games. [UPDATE] EA gave GameSpot some first details on Get in the Ring. The mode could be perfect for those who love the idea of getting punched in the face--it will be entirely in first-person. More details to come later.

Fight Night Round 3 for the PS3 is scheduled to be released in North America and Europe this holiday season and is currently in development at EA Canada. EA did not mention whether or not the game would be a launch title.

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