Fight Club Director's Netflix Serial Killer Show Mindhunter Gets Renewed

Mindhunter is coming back to disturb us all over again.


Netflix today officially ordered a second season of its period crime drama Mindhunter. This was always expected, given the first season was very well received and plans were reportedly already in the works for Season 2. But today is official confirmation that it's happening. The renewal order was reported today by Deadline.

Mindhunter stars Jonathan Groff and Holy McCallany as FBI agents in the '70s who interview serial killers to try to understand their minds. The show was created by Joe Penhall and is produced by Fight Club director David Fincher and actress Charlize Theron.

The first season of Mindhunter premiered in October and was praised by critics. The renewal order today is good news, especially so because Season 1 ended on something of a cliffhanger.

There is no word yet on when Mindhunter Season 2 will premiere or which infamous serial killers may be on the show. A highlight of Season 1 was actor Cameron Britton's portrayal of the serial killer Ed Kemper. A teaser for Season 2 (above) states, "We need to talk to more subjects," so it certainly sounds like we'll meet some new characters.

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It’s a great show, but not really all that disturbing. They were doing more interviewing than hunting down the killers. Could use more action to get ppl engaged.

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Good show

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I only watched two episodes but it was pretty terrible.

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The world needs more shows about serial killers, comic book heroes, and vampires. There really is no bottom.

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Good show, the first 2 episodes were pretty awful but I'm glad I kept watching

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@muchdoge: Hi, ok, because I only saw the 1st episode and man, it is boring, now I will try to continue and watch further then.

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@asmoddeuss: Yeah I would definitely give it a shot, I cant begin to explain how horrible the first 2 episodes are, for example the dialogue at the start between Holden and Debbie was so stale I nearly turned it off. The show really begins in episode 3.

Let me know what you thought if you finish the season!

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Great show