FIFA Helping Raise Soccer's Profile In The US, EA Says

New study suggests FIFA franchise is converting Americans into soccer fans; US becomes second biggest market for the game.

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EA Sports this week released the results of a new study that suggests the company's FIFA franchise is successfully converting American gamers into soccer fans. The study, conducted by ESPN Sports Poll's Luker on Trends, reveals that there is indeed a "statistically positive" correlation.

The publisher also adds that in the past year, the United States has become the second best-selling region for FIFA 14. EA didn't say which market was number one, but it must be Europe.

EA has put together an infographic that speaks to the role the FIFA series has played in getting Americans excited about soccer. One particularly noteworthy data point is that 50 percent of FIFA players say they are more interested in professional soccer after playing the game.

The infographic also shows a 112 percent year-over-year increase between FIFA 15 and FIFA 14 in the number of gamers playing as an MLS club. You can see the full infographic below.

The run the United States Men's National Team made this year at the World Cup is also likely responsible for the surge in popularity of soccer among Americans. I know I watched more soccer and played more FIFA than ever before in the past year. How about you?

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