FIFA covers reflect global appeal

Box art for Electronic Arts' soccer game goes international with region-specific cover athletes; Claudio Reyna nets North American cover.


Landon Donovan may be the most recognizable homegrown soccer star in the US, but there's a little place out there where he's not so well known--it's called the rest of the world. Realizing that soccer is an international sensation with its own niche markets, publisher Electronic Arts has announced that its upcoming FIFA World Cup game will come with nine region-specific covers.

US National Team captain Claudio Reyna was chosen as one of the cover athletes for the North American release of the game. The New Jersey native plays professionally for Premiere League team Manchester City in England and is considered one of the US' greatest talents. Mexican soccer star Jamie Lozano will also be featured on the cover.

The list of region-specific covers and the cover athletes that will be featured on them is as follows:

Region--Athlete--World Cup team

China--Zhi Zhen--China
England--Frank Lampard--England
Germany--Lukas Podolski--Germany
Italy--Alessandro Del Piero--Italy
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemborg--Arien Robben--Netherlands
Switzerland--Ricardo Cabanas--Switzerland
USA, Canada, Mexico--Jamie Lozano--Mexico
USA, Canada, Mexico--Claudio Reyna--USA

In regions where the game is available that aren't listed above, box art will feature the official 2006 World Cup logo and championship trophy.

FIFA World Cup is currently in development by EA Canada for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, DS, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable, PC, mobile phones, and Xbox 360. The game is rated E for Everyone and will be released on April 24 in North America and April 28 in Europe and Asia.

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It was a good idea, but there are better players.

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It was a great idea, but there are better players.

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all of you people yell at americans for calling it soccer, but who do you think plays more video games? Americans or everybody else?

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Who cares who is actually on the cover, just make sure the game is good! I don't mind if the yanks call it Soccer anyway, at least when we have a "WORLD" in the competition there are actually other countries. ;)

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Why are they doing this to me!?!? they should have put the world cup and club teams in a same game as they did with fifa 98... remember? well what can we do...? P.D Viva Costa Rica!!

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Who cars whom will become a cover... It's so many great footballs player in this world, i've have never seen Fredrik Ljungberg on a FIFA cover ever that is a great player and a good team player too... Hmm will probley never see him on a cover so whatever!!!

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And I'd rather see Colombia--Ivan Ramiro Cordoba--Colombia. But, alas, Colombia didn't even qualified for the World Cup.

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I wish the DS version was at least as good as, but if possible better than, FIFA 2006.

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EA needs to stop cashing in on each tournament. They used to make FIFA games come with the World Cup mode. Now they took it away and release it separately to cash in. Greedy poeple....

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You all bunch of loosers...! the mather of fact that u dont know the best sport in the world doesnt mean that it doesnt exist... whats baseball, or baskettball, against soccer?? nothing!!! soccer king of sports!!

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Everybody knows the cover of FIFA in all regions should have one big picture of the mighty reds manchester united because they own ALL regions and ALL clubs. cept brazil...because ronaldinho is a beast.

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Maybe EA should focus more on improving the gameplay of the FIFA series, and less on region-specific covers.

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The F

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I like Pudolski, but wouldnt Ballack be better for the cover for germany... at least they didnt cop out and give the england cover to Beckham, nothing against him, but give to cover to someone else. Over all not bad selections, but i think they could have been better.

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1. It's called Football. Guess what FIFA stands for? 2. Pro Evolution is far better.

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i have already played this game, it is for sale in my copmuterstore, where i work. Its not htat good.. Good graphics tough

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Norway's not there??? Jon Arne Rise would be perfect for the cover! I mean, he looks like a complete nutjob... And I remember China at least used to have a world cup team. Yeah, the US is the only place that calls football for soccer, at least one of the few. Everybody else calls it football. We (I speak for all Norwegians here) call the other kind of football for american football. You use your foot a lot more in "soccer" than US football! I think US football should be called tackleball or yardball... What do you think?

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The world cup is the BIGGEST Global Sporting event in the World. I cna't wait baby...GO ENGLAND!!!! w0000t!!!!!

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lol who cares about soccer?, first its called football and its the most popular sport in the world

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nice but fifa games are always terrible in gameplay so i dont care.

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america 5th in the world rankings? i had to investigate, true they are but on further inspection i found that iraq were better than scotland and wales haha. greece 21st? didn't they win the euro 2004? they don't refect the team only how many games theyve won/lost in the month. England for the world cup!!!!

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thats a good idea actually, though i dont play soccer games much anymore.

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Ahhhhhh i love soccer. what a muust!!!!!!!!!

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USA I believe is now ranked 5th in FIFA (the organization not the game) so they obviously must be decent at football (and yes I mean the one with the traditionally black and white ball). And if your team is not mentioned it is probably because the market wasn't big enough. China gets one even though they are not in because there are 1 BILLION people. That is like every country that people have complained isn't in COMBINED. I seriously would prefer the one with the World Cup logo because rarely do you see a player that is hyped before the World Cup playing as well as their hype.

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Lukas Podolski......great player.... Croatia will be world champion.. :p F*** the usa in football, even the weak germans beat them 4:1...LOL

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What no jamaican on the cover im really upset lol and yes its football GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL

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Technically, Football is Football, American Football is the one with a funny shaped ball. Football (soccer) was here first, so therefore they get the name. Just because it took the US so long to catch on doesn't mean they get to rename it.

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I'm no sports-fanatic, but Football is actually what we call 'Soccer'....other countries call our 'Football' ....::drumroll please:: "American Football". America renamed Soccer for some reason I do not know.... And I don't even play sports games.

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Well some say is football; I don't think so. Football is the sport with the helmets and the yards and the kicks and stuff; soccer is the real deal, with lobs and crosses and shots and GOALS! And I agree with 777rak, I would buy it too. DS to the MAX!

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If this game turns out to be good for the DS, I might just get it.

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China is not even in the world cup.. What the hell? There is no Chinese Team in the world cup, but the cover has chinese player? What a lame idea.

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Ecuador Appears! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Rulezzzz (even if it doesn't pass the 1st. round).

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KaKa > pwns all

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no brazilian players????? f*** you EA, there isnt good players in USA national team, they should put the 5 best players of the world in the box, there isnt even Ronaldinho, the best player of the world...

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I may be slow but why is the US mentioned twice?

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god it is football not soccer, and where the hell is Iran? or the middle east? I want Ali Karimi or Ali daie on my cover, that alone would sell the game to me as an Iranian.

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What about France? Maybe: France--Thierry Henry--Frace

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oh yeah there are none my bad

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what no canadian football star cover

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nevermind =(

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5th comment and

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as usual australia is left out....or even the whole oceanic region for that matter. We havent made the world cup for 32 years and we make it this year. The least they could do is put Harry Kewel or Mark Viduka on the front :( GO AUSTRALYA!

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It's Football !

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wow, they forgot the best footbal player in the world: Ronaldinho anyway he

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scre w ds psp all the way, but i got to agree with u about soccer games