FIFA 2001 Arrives on PS2

The PS2 version of the latest game in the best selling video game sports franchise is released in North America.


FIFA 2001

EA Sports has announced the release of FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer for the Sony PlayStation 2. The series has been the best-selling sports franchise worldwide. The PlayStation 2 game features 50 national teams from over 15 different leagues, as well as individual professional leagues such as Major League Soccer in North America, the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Spanish Premier League, and the French LNF. John Motson and Mark Lawrenson provide the commentary in the game, and the game's soundtrack includes songs from the popular recording artist Moby.

"The combination of soccer talent, innovative gameplay, and music creates an unrivaled interactive soccer experience," said FIFA executive producer Marc Aubanel. "We've been making FIFA games for over eight years, and we continue to find revolutionary ways to enhance the experience for our fans. With FIFA 2001, we were able to take the player holding the controls and teleport him onto the field. The crowds come alive with amazing crowd animation effects in a thunderous stadium. Special effects abound with incredible weather effects, animating shadows, and breath-taking light refractions that simulate a living environment. FIFA 2001 provides the full range of visceral heartbreak or glory when that shot hits the crossbar and slips past the goalie."

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