FIFA 19 New Features Detailed: FUT, New Kick Off, And More

Ultimate Team, The Journey, and lots more Kick Off options are FIFA 19's headline acts.

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FIFA 19's release date is fast approaching, and publisher EA has finally unveiled more of the game's new features. Possibly the most intriguing change is an overhaul of Kick Off, which was hitherto a standard exhibition mode. In addition, FUT 19, or Ultimate Team, has replaced Online Seasons with a new sub-mode named Division Rivals.

FIFA 19's Kick Off brings more options than any pervious version of the mode. You can still play what's now called a Classic Match if you don't like change, or you can utilize any number of new options. You can specifically choose to make your match Champions League-themed, which will rebrand it with the official logos and replace commentators Martin Tyler and Alan Smith with Derek Rae and Lee Dixon; alternatively, you can do the same but for the Europa League.

You can also decide to play a two-legged match, where you play with the same two teams with each side playing at home once and away once (with the away goals rule active in the event of a draw). Similarly, you can set up a Best Of series, where you play a three- or five-match series against a friend or the AI.

The most interesting aspect of the overhauled Kick Off, however, is the ability to set House Rules. This is something many FIFA players have been doing themselves for years while playing against friends, but now EA will allow you to input special laws into your match. For example, you can prevent short-range goals from counting towards the scoreline, or force your mates to score from headers and volleys only.

Ultimate Team won't be overhauled in quite the same way, but it still comes boasting a couple of new features. Online Seasons is no more; Offline Seasons will still be available but the online equivalent is to be replaced by Division Rivals. These are weekly competitions against those of a similar skill level to you, all with dynamically updated objectives. EA says it wants to reduce the amount of grinding required in FIFA's online modes, so this year you can obtain Champion Points to gain access to the weekend's Champions competitions. FUT is also adding a Champions Channel, where you can view previous Champions matches and analyze how players performed in those games. Confirmed Icons for FIFA 19 include Rivaldo, Johan Cruyff, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Eusebio, Clarence Seedorf, Claude Makelele, and Raul.

Outside of FUT and Kick Off, we know FIFA 19 will conclude Alex Hunter's story in The Journey, while we can expect improvements to Career Mode and Pro Clubs. For more information on those and more on FIFA 19, keep an eye on GameSpot.

FIFA 19 launches worldwide on September 28 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3, and Xbox 360. That's around a month after its closest rival, PES 2019, which also has a demo out very soon. For more on EA's sporting behemoth, check out our big feature on the 19 best new FIFA 19 features you might have missed.

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Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

It is kind of funny how far this game has gotten since i came back to it in 2006. All the gaming tech since then to help it evolve.....but for fu*k sake they still cant make end to end camera that makes you always attack facing up on your screen with few zoom options. Its the best and most natural way for me to play. Pes can do it lol, they have few cool cameras to really get into the game.

Avatar image for DeadManRollin

Is it just me or none of these supposedly "new" features are actually anything new?

They should include world cup qualifiers with every game, with all Fifa member teams and their updated rosters, a proper management mode and training modes that truly teaches the more advanced stuff inside the game. Year after year, the same old crap.

Avatar image for ify

Pls what are we to expect on fifa 19 on the 360 since fifa 18 is pretty much difficult but has a very good graphics.

Avatar image for sochio

a new fifa street we need

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

@sochio: There's a 5v5 mode in FIFA 19

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

@sochio: Isnt it in Fifa 19?

Avatar image for drakendax

Fifa 18 there maybe ;)

(hint: Cristiano Ronaldo no longer plays for Real Madrid)

Avatar image for ssdd_again

House Rules are not 'new', that is basically Fifa Lounge (a feature that was in Fifa 08/09 and possibly 10); which gave you the option to send an opposing player off, for example, before the match started (amongst other things).

Same old EA, bring back old features and declare them as new, idiots will still buy this no doubt.

Avatar image for georgearlington

C'mon now. Everyone knows giving people what they want and EA are pretty well established oxymorons. Leave online seasons alone and bring back online tournaments.

Avatar image for lokar82

@georgearlington: So is Division Rivals played with club teams like Online Seasons or with Ultimate Teams? I'm worried that EA is trying to force me into FUT.

Avatar image for lokar82

Online Seasons being removed?!? That's the only mode I ever played! Would like some more info on this Division Rivals nonsense.

Avatar image for beebee

@lokar82: Don't worry. It sounds like Division Rivals is pretty much going to be Online Seasons with added weekly competitions. I'm guessing you earn prizes (packs, coins, players, etc.) depending on how high you place in the leaderboard each week.