FIFA 19: Career Mode And Pro Clubs Are Basically Unchanged, EA Confirms

Kick Off, The Journey, and Ultimate Team are the focus this year, it seems.


Two of FIFA's most popular modes will go practically unchanged this year, EA has confirmed. Some fans had been worried by EA focusing so heavily on the addition of the Champions League license to FIFA 19, with basically nothing said so far about Career Mode or Pro Clubs. Now, the company has confirmed to GameSpot that FIFA 19's versions of Career Mode and Pro Clubs contain no major new features, with the bulk of new content this year coming in the way of the expanded Kick Off portion of the game.

"In terms of Career Mode, we decided to make sure the experience with the Champions League was 100% authentic," FIFA 19's lead gameplay producer, Sam Rivera, told GameSpot at Gamescom 2018. "When it's Champions League day, everything changes--[there's a] reskin. That was our highest priority.

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"But we are listening to our fans. They've been requesting more stuff, bigger stuff, in terms of Career Mode [and] in terms of Pro Clubs. There's discussions right now to see what can be added in the future. We know it's a very passionate community. At the moment, that's all we're announcing for those modes. We are actively having conversations, listening to [the community] to see what else we can bring to those modes."

When pressed on what would be coming to FIFA 19 specifically with regards to those modes, Rivera replied: "It's mainly the Champions League integration." Later in the interview, EA confirmed Champions League is not integrated into Pro Clubs, but that other licensed leagues are. More licenses, yet to be announced, will also come to both modes in the final game.

Following the interview, EA reached out to GameSpot to speak of three new features coming to Career Mode. Those three features are new locker room cutscenes, the integration of Ultimate difficulty (which was previously only available in Ultimate Team), and the addition of a star above your club badge if your team wins the Champions League. No new features of any kind were mentioned for Pro Clubs.

Elsewhere, FIFA 19 greatly expands Kick Off with the addition of persistent stat tracking, house rules (including a battle royale-like Survival Mode and a No Rules option), and tournament- and cup-specific graphical options. Ultimate Team, meanwhile, brings a new sub-mode named Division Rivals, while The Journey returns for its third year to tell the final chapter of Alex Hunter's story. FIFA 19's release date has been set for September 28 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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