FIFA 16 to Include Women's Teams for the First Time

12 international women's teams to be playable in EA's FIFA offering for this year; new tech and models created specifically for female players.


It's been a long time coming, but EA's FIFA series is finally putting female players into the game.

FIFA 16 will include 12 of the top women's international teams--including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the USA--and will be playable across multiple modes. Whilst those modes are yet to be confirmed, EA has stated that women's teams will not be able to be played against men's teams in order to remain "authentic" to real-world football.

The inclusion isn't a mere reskinning of existing players, however. According to FIFA 16 producer Nick Shannon, new technology--including animations, body types, and even hair physics--had to be retooled or created from scratch to accommodate the introduction of female players.

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We talked to Shannon to find out more details about women's teams in FIFA 16

How long has this been in the works for?

Nick Shannon: It's been a while. The most important thing for us when we wanted to add the women's international teams was that we wanted to do it right. We wanted to do it properly. For us to be able to do that, there were a lot of things that we actually had to change within our game. We wanted to make sure that the body types looked good, so we actually created new body types. We created new body scaling technology that's actually helped with the men as well, so you'll now see a bigger differentiation with a tall, skinny player than a bigger, well-built player. That was down to us wanting to make the women's models look right in the game.

We also wanted to make sure we could get our scanning technology. We sent that out on the road, so we've scanned many of the teams to make sure we make the faces look as authentic as possible. We've never been able to do hair simulation during game play as the we've had problems maintaining 60 frames a second. We managed to be able to do that and maintain 60 as well. We wanted to do it right. We wanted to do it properly. This year was the year that we could do that.

It seemed like there was quite a lot of work to put into this. Can you quantify how much extra development it took?

It's not really something we're looking at because ultimately a lot of these things as I said with hair and body types are across the entire game, and it was something we needed to do to make the women's feature run properly.

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Why is now a good time to introduce female players?

It's the right time because we're able to get the technology in place to do it properly. It's as simple as that.

Is this something that you're looking to expand in future features?

We'll see. I mean we obviously don't really talk about the future--we're still focused on what we're doing this year. Beyond that we'll have to wait and see. We'll again listen to feedback and what people liked and didn't like about it. Then we'll go from there. We're just really excited to be bringing it to players.

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Avatar image for woomar

They should make it a separate game in my opinion.

Avatar image for PayneKiller

@woomar: that is not necessary at all

Avatar image for woomar

@PayneKiller@woomar: Why not , and make it digital only.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@woomar@PayneKiller: Because no one would buy it, and they know it too.

Avatar image for drodriguesaar

They should include a new game mode: Running from police and money laundering league

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...And for those of you wondering what ive been writing on this piece of paper as we head to a commercial...It's a cat...just a cat.

Avatar image for musalala

LOL so bewb physics have been added, Anyway great news I know a few sports crazy female friends who will be over the moon about this, Just a heads up though this

"EA has stated that women's teams will not be able to be played against men's teams in order to remain "authentic" to real-world football"

Will raise the ire of SJW and Gender Feminists (despite being true) as you are insinuating women are not as physically capable as men and its sexist bla bla bla

Avatar image for billzihang

@musalala: Boob physics also make a lot of sense just as a point of realism.

Women have breasts, and I don't think sports bras are that good, are they?

Avatar image for Neubmann

As a feminist, that does not bother me. Though it would be interesting to see if we could mix women into fantasy modes like Ultimate Team or Career.

Sadly, I don't think their ratings are going to be that high compared to most male footballers. That's not bias, it's a fact.

Avatar image for kingcrimson24

I'm still going to pick AC Milan , but this is a nice addition . I really don't get all the negative comments

Avatar image for jasten

@kingcrimson24: some men are easily frightened by women that aren't meekly standing in the kitchen waiting for orders.

Avatar image for marcopolott

@jasten@kingcrimson24: That's not why there's negativity, but way to generalise *thumbs up* There's negativity, because it's trying to piggy-back on the success/popularity of the male side of the game. It should have been made as a separate game, but they'd never do that because they know it wouldn't sell well.

In that case it should have been offered as free optional DLC, but EA is too greedy. At that point it should have been offered as paid DLC.

And if all common sense failed, and they still decided to force its inclusion into the core game, they should have allowed the player the option to play the male teams vs. the female teams. I think they allow male and female players to compete against each other in tennis games, and the gap between the male and female tennis divisions is astronomical. The negatives would be it would (fairly) expose the inferiority of the female game, but on a positive note, it could be used as a tool to show just how good certain players are if they can win with the female teams in tournaments, and it could be motivation for all the hardcore feminist gamers who feel the need to play these female teams to get better at the game.
And this is not from someone who hates women's football. I think its getting better, and I occasionally check out the women's world cup games, but a spade is a spade.

Avatar image for cleevergreen

I assume this news was embargoed? Because I've heard about this before. Anyway, great news.

Avatar image for junaid6030

Yeah... Jiggle physics ftw !!

Avatar image for cleevergreen

@junaid6030: Yeah, the jiggling of your balls when one of those female players kicking you in the scrotum. Sexist pig.

Avatar image for tom_tucker

Well cleevergreen, theres something you're gonna have to get used to. Men running away form you.

Now over to Ollie Williams with the forecast. Ollie!

Avatar image for wightyoafc

@cleevergreen@junaid6030: Please don't tell me you're being serious

Avatar image for CapnXtraObvious

wtff, what about NFL?

Avatar image for RedWave247

I'm not a sports game guy, but this is pretty cool.

Avatar image for tanerb

who cares?

Avatar image for drflyntcoal


Avatar image for dookie_213

We might get WNBA in NBA2K15... NO?

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

Yeeeaaaahhh..sports games still suck though soo....nope.

Avatar image for mpl911

Won't be buying this then. Ridiculous. Will probably get PES whenever I next get a footy game (don't get them every year).

Avatar image for kkdrummer

@mpl911: go back to your cave.

Avatar image for mpl911

@kkdrummer@mpl911: Nothing to do with caves mate. The fact is, like it or not, that women's football is rubbish. It's really poor quality. I don't know where you're from, but we've had football of this quality in Britain for a hundred years - it's called non-league, or amateur, football, though tbh most non-league football I've seen (and I've seen a lot) has been of better quality than women's football. Why don't they have a FIFA non-league game? They also only get tiny crowds in. Even the huge majority of women don't care about women's football. I don't know anyone who's ever been to see a single women's football match (not including schoolkids football). It's ONLY in this game for 1 reason and that's simply political correctness. And political correctness is almost always (and definitely in this case) a joke.

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