FIFA 16 Gets New Trailer and Details on Draft Mode

Check out the new trailer!


At EA's Gamescom press conference today, the publisher showed off a new trailer for FIFA 16 and discussed the game's new Ultimate Team draft and its Career Mode.

The video demonstrated how you'll put together your Ultimate Team in the upcoming FIFA game. It's a new process in which you'll go step-by-step in creating your Ultimate Team. You'll select one out of a group of five formations, captains, and players for each position.

In addition, in the Career Mode, there's a new training system to help upgrade your young players. Additionally, there are improvements to the management features in the game. Team defenses have also been tweaked to be smarter and more agile. EA is improving smart passes and adding new celebrations, as well.

There are new, iconic stadiums, and 900 new crowd chants have been added to the game.

FIFA 16 comes out on September 22 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. You can read our impressions of the game here. For more news from Gamescom, keep an eye on GameSpot all this week.

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how can you not pick Steve G???

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Disgusting fake theater presentation, just like PES 2016 commercial.

It showed almost nothing of the game but people seemed to like it.

I can't wait for it to be free2play, every game should be that way, not pay2win.

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Really enjoyed the Neville & Carragher combo. Had a smile on my face through the whole thing. For the first time in years I actually loved the FIFA presentation. Game looks awesome.

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That was Genius !! love it !! Credit to EA where it is Due !!

We are Gamers !! Together we are Stronger !!

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can't wait for FUT to go free2play

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Not sure how many outside the UK will get why this is so funny!

Well done EA!

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Laughed so hard :D best game commercial ever :D