FIFA 15 Strives for Realism, But Rights Issues Result in Missing Brazilian Teams

EA Sports' new soccer game will not feature domestic teams from one of the sport's biggest countries.


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With FIFA 15, EA Sports continues to strive for realism, what with its shirt-pulling and heaving chests. But something it won't be able to create a realistic virtual representation of are the domestic Brazilian soccer leagues.

In a post on the EA Sports blog, the developer announced it would not be including Brazil's domestic leagues and their players in its latest game. This is said to be the result of "some changes in the ways players are licensed," which the company did not detail. It did leave the door open for these leagues and players to return in the future, stating, "[W]e continue to keep the lines of communication open with the Brazilian rights holders."

Even if future negotiations go nowhere, it doesn't mean fans of Brazilian soccer players are completely out of luck. EA Sports has retained the rights for the Brazil National Team (the company scored only six goals on the team in the process) and Brazilian players who play in other leagues around the world. This means you'll still have the opportunity to play as Neymar and company in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 is scheduled for release on September 23 in North America and September 26 in Europe. Argentina's Lionel Messi is the worldwide cover star, while the North American version also features Clint Dempsey. In recent weeks, EA Sports has been showing the myriad ways in which FIFA 15 is its most realistic soccer game yet, thanks to features like visible breathing and player-specific movement.

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