FIFA 10: Ultimate Team Trailer

Check out the trailer for the Ultimate Team feature, which is returning to EA's soccer franchise in February.

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"FIFA 10 the best console soccer game ever? Not without Ultimate Team, it's not!"

Those were the words I've been continually saying to myself ever since FIFA 10 was released in October in the US. Granted, there's a lot to like about FIFA 10, but because the trading card Ultimate Team feature that made its debut in the FIFA series in last year's game wasn't part of the retail package, I was skeptical. After all, I've made no secret of my love for the feature (which is coming to Madden NFL 10 soon). Well, it should come as no surprise that the Ultimate Team feature is returning this year as FIFA 10 DLC in February 2010. Check out the trailer here:

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New features like organizing multiple squads for different styles of play, better search tools, and a redesigned chemistry system all sound like fine additions to Ultimate Team, but the best news of all is the price. FIFA 10's Ultimate Team feature will be considerably cheaper than last year's version: 400 MS points (compared to 1,200 last year) or $4.99 on PSN (compared to $14.99 last year).

See? This horrific global recession is at least good for something.

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