FIFA 09 scores number one in UK chart

First-week sales of EA Sports' football game outstrip last year's version by 37.5 percent; The Force Unleashed falls to number two after two weeks.


The sales juggernaut that is EA's FIFA series hit a new peak this week when FIFA 09 became the fastest-selling game from the franchise yet. The game crashed into the UK all-formats chart at number one, notching up top positions on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and Xbox 360 charts.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which had occupied the all-formats number-one slot for two weeks, was dislodged to number two. Following up at number three and jumping one place since last week was Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii rounded out the top five.

There were no other new entries on this week's chart, with every other publisher seemingly staying clear of the EA Sports behemoth. The highest new entry was Sega's Samba de Amigo, which entered at number 18 after two weeks on sale--a pattern followed by many other September 26 releases. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood entered at 31, Wario Land: The Shake Dimension at 36, and De Blob at 38, all in their second week of release.

This Friday will see the arrival of Lego Batman, Fracture, NBA 2K9, and NBA Live 09, all of which could make an impact on next week's chart.

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I have been playing Pro Evolution Soccer since Pro Evo 3, before that i played FIFA 99 up to FIFA 2001. I was a FiFa Only supporter but when i played Pro Evolution soccer 3, i was hooked, and i have never to this day gone back to FIFA. HOwever Pro Evo for the last few games have been failing to build on thier terrific game. And Pro Evolution soccer is starting to become a rehashed game year after year. The developers dont seem to care about improving it and its starting to show. I played the demo of FIFA 09 AND Pro evo 09 and FIFA absolutely blitzed Pro Evo this year. If i want to play Pro evolution soccer 5 all over again i will , i own the game still. But that was 3 years ago. They have actually gone backwards. FIFA however still has its jerky wierd movements, PRO Evo' still has better fluid movement. But FIFA at least has tried to improve on its gameplay , and its actually really fun. And the Ai is tough on the harder levels. Try it its pretty cool. Pro Evolution needs to step it up a gear.

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Isn't that like saying NASCAR scores number one with rednecks? Duh :)

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I am very glad! PES will die and FIFA will trive with its realism. FIFA=Realistic PES=Arcade trash

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I dont think fifa 07 came out on ps3 and since fifa 08 was the first one then a everyone saw the big difference on HD so fifa 09 should be even better

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Chavtastic... I bet the stores were awash with white shell suits and bling all day long. I'll wait for Pro Evo... the thinking man's footy game.

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I dont think fifa 09 will ever reach number one here in the U.S. Everybody here just plays boring football or baseball! I can see nascar reaching number 1 here. lol!

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kharris, im getting fifa 09 soon, can u tell me y the game is good for liverpool fans??? (as u sed)

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only pure deserves to be in the list...PES > FIFA or that's what am hoping....

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Fifa is too much like an arcade game. Give me Pro Evo and of course I can't wait for footy manager!

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No mention of the PC version. That's good, cause I ain't buyin' it this year. Bought all Fifa games since 1998, but not this one.

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blow me FIFA, PES all the way

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Lol no way is soccer on top, I mean thats the game everyone plays over there

Avatar image for CrossCheck

lol, sports games.

Avatar image for I_pWnzz_YoU

What can I say? Europeans like their soccer :lol:

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awesome! I cant wait for this game to come out in the US. Sucks that my xbox got the red ring of death this past weekend :(

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TTDog, I thought chavs were those who wear fake gold and fake Burberry clothing? Yet so many of them can afford a games console and a (maximum) £40 game? You're really living in a cave aren't you? Sure you haven't bought a spot in Fallout 3's Vault-Tec? -- And Fifa 09 really is a spectacular game. Unbiased opinionators would know that.

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ttdog funny you say that with a metallica symbol there not even real metal slayers real metal metallica are sell outs plus fifa 09 is well good especially if ur a Liverpool fan

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How can Brothers In Arms for PC be in the charts when it's not even out yet?

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Yeah, and Memo Ochoa is at the Front for the second consecutive year! Arriba el America!

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I'm wondering if anyone knows what is the main difference between this and FIFA 08 which I played like mad. If it's not a big difference, then I won't bother. FIFA 08 was great.

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@ttdog You do realise football is the most watched thing in the world right? To say only chavs are into it is like saying only emo kids drink water. Both very stupid statements.

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Just shows that there are still thousands of Chav's in the UK... this'll stay near the top until EA release the other Chav favourite... Need For Speed.

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Fifa is the best its too sick i knew it would be fantastic

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Considering its has "smashed" its way into the charts and is one of the best selling games on next gen consoles yet why is gamespot taking so long to review it? I was waiting for the review but I got fed up and went and bought it anyway, great game mind..

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hahaha go figure a soccer game being number 1 in europe...thats like saying madden 09 was number 1 in the states...well yeah no kidding.

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Fifa 09 is best, thanks EA Fifa09 is for Pro players GOOOOOD JOB EA

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Firefly00 Posted Oct 7, 2008 3:50 pm GMT Awesome. Can't wait to get this game, going to pick it up on Friday. I wish Gamespot would do the review for it though! Just look at the review for 08,the games havent changed since the Megadrive days.Oh wait I forgot on Fifa 95 you could foul people and run from the referee,which was the most fun you can get out of a football game I believe

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Makes me wonder if all the saps that buy FIFA/NBA/Madden/all crummy sports games realise that it identical to the last edition or if their meatbrain so slow that they totally forget about the previous games

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Storm Marine; I salute you.

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ALl football games do

Avatar image for lewis_hague123

Fifa sucks ....

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Its a crap-let down-disappointment of a game... on ant platform... they didn't even change goal scoring cut scene ... and the game play sucks...

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@naryn Nope those numbers are correct, these are the actual numbers << LINK REMOVED >> As you can see the 360 version out sold the ps3 version and was the 3rd biggest selling game ever in UK. Also is it me or is gamespot a bit wierd today as the msgs seem to duplicate?

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Just to note it actually had the 3rd biggest opening in history in the UK. Only GTA4 and Halo 3 sold more on 1st day. So think you need to change the game at the top to a 360 not a PS3 gamespot :)

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Kratos_OMEGA, it did sell MUCH better on the PS3, and you clearly just made up those statistics as they add to give 103%

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Sales break down for FIFA 09 in UK 42% of sales were on Xbox 360 40% on PS3 11% on PS2 3% on PSP 7% PC/Wii/DS Who the hell bought this for's crap..

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It's a MULTI-FORMAT chart. FIFA 09 for all platforms combined is no.1 This is the Individual CHART << LINK REMOVED >> 1.FIFA 09 360 2. FIFA 09 - PS3 3. FIFA 09 - PS2 4. WII FIT 5. MARIO KART WII

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Did FIFA only come out on the PS3? I'm pretty sure it came out on X360... why did only the PS3 version sell? Same with TW 09. Typically I would expect to see titles like this selling well on all platforms, but it appears that Sports simulation sells better on the PS3... then again why is Pure on the X360... I can't figure out why these multiplat games are only selling on one of the platforms. Ideas anyone?

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come on soccer is the best sport in the world even on game is number 1

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Awesome. Can't wait to get this game, going to pick it up on Friday. I wish Gamespot would do the review for it though!

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Whoo I can't wait for FIFA to come out, the demo was awesome.

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they are waiting for the US release.... as am I :(

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First post... FORZA MILAN!!

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i agree with storm marine.

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FIFA 09 number 1 in the chart and no Gamespot review, whats going on?

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7. Wii Play 8. Big Beach Sports 10. Carnival Games ... ARGH!! That crap shouldn't be selling. :x