FIFA 07 goes clubbin'

Post-World Cup edition focuses on club teams and international leagues; PSP, DS get exclusive features, next-gen not yet announced.


FIFA 07 Soccer

This year's World Cup helped Electronic Arts move tons of units of both FIFA Soccer 06 and 2006 FIFA World Cup, but the world's biggest sporting event and its millions of fans must move on. EA is moving on too, as it has officially announced FIFA Soccer 07.

The latest game of footie is headed to the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PSP, DS, PC, and the Game Boy Advance on September 29 in the UK. EA has not yet announced a release date for the US. Though a recent statement from EA does not mention any next-gen versions of the game, the game's official Web site bears an Xbox 360 logo, meaning that a version for Microsoft's next-gen console is likely coming later.

Now that international pride has been settled for the next four years, FIFA 07 is concentrating once again on the club circuit. The game will feature the licenses of dozens of leagues, and will introduce the new EA Sports Interactive Leagues, which allow fans to square off in online leagues based on real-world schedules.

The PSP version also boasts improved connectivity with the PS2 version, enabling gamers to transfer data between the two platforms, and play a single franchise mode at home or on the move. DS owners will be able to create their own custom chants using the console's microphone, and more precise off-the-ball running routes can be ordered with the "Touch Run" feature.

Check back later this week for GameSpot's impressions of the current-gen versions.

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