Field Trip: Locked and Loaded

This week we travel to official game industry websites such as Epic, Capcom, SOE, and showcase how you can play games for free!


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We’re lock and loaded with another edition of the Field Trip, where the gaming industry struts their stuff and gets heavily involved with their fans

Events & Attractions

First, we'll relive the past. PAX Prime and Dragoncon is pretty much the thing everyone has been talking about but not everyone could attend these events! For those who want to virtually go back in time, check out our coverage of PAX Prime. Epic Games also has some photos of Dragoncon.

Fast forward to the future, these days, getting to meet gamers in person happens much more frequently, and one of the upoming events open to the public is SOE Live, formerly known as SOE Fan Faire. If you plan to be in the Las Vegas area from October 18-2, Planetside 2 will be there! Speaking of Planetside 2, the game development team have a newer show called Command Center on SOE’s official Youtube channel

Moving on to online game events, the creators of Guns of Icarus are hosting an online beta tournament on Saturday, September 15, 2pm EST. The winners will receive a Collector’s Edition of the game and in-game costumes and accessories. But, if you’re not too competitive, how good are you at naming things? Auto Club Revolution Free to Play Online Racing game is asking their fans to name a race track.


Justin Calvert is at it again, handing out even more beta codes, games, and in-game gear in the latest Free Play Friday feature This week he mentioned a game that has portals, Tryst beta, and more.

If you’re looking for something else to play, how about checking out C&C Tiberium Alliance, a free to play RTS game. They recently released a new European World and unveiled unit upgrades.

And, while we all know that not everyone likes browser based games, maybe Gearbox’s recommendation, The Border Lands will be your one exception!

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Seeing is Believing

The third episode of Affinity third episode of Affinity, a Firefall comic was released this week, and we have to include a mention to Epic Games’ featured Onyx Guard cosplay.

To Loot or Not to Loot

We’ve scoured the game industry websites to find loot you can get for free or stuff you may want to splurge on. First, let’s remind everyone about the free gear that has GameSpot on it! Perfect World has given us some Blacklight Retribution in-game content so you’ll want to grab your GamesSpot themed gear before we run out

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Keeping up with the freebies, Sega is giving away more free stuff this Friday, September 7th, and it looks like all you have to do to get a Ford Mistang RTR-X in Need for Speed World is Tweet!

Now on to some bargains. If you buy books, the Capcom store is offering 30% off books, and as always you can find the latest Steam sales by checking the ads on their page. At the moment Crysis 2 Maximum Edition is 75% off.

Now, we can’t leave without sharing something you may want to splurge on, but there is good news, you have a couple of months to save up for it! Capcom announced that the Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates coming in February.

The more you know…

The PlayStation Blog sure knows how to spotlight their fans! They’ve started to showcase Sound Shapes fanmade levels and this week’s featured user shares his history with Counter-strike, in light of Counter-strike: Global Offensive being released a couple of weeks ago.

Do you know what a Thousands Papercuts means? A forum user in the official Star Wars The Old Republic Forum shares background about this term. Speaking of Bioware games, they’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and appear to be having a good ole’ time showcasing cosplayers and other visual content.

That’s your look at the latest official game industry community news. If you have a tip, give us a holler by PM'nig JodyR or Synthia. Until next time!

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