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FFXIV Sales Suspended Due To Server Congestion

Players will also get another seven days of free Final Fantasy 14 play time.


Since FFXIV Endwalker's release, long queues to even get into the game's servers have been a headache for both players and devs. In response to the long wait times, Square Enix released another announcement with what steps it's taking to address the congestion.

Unexpectedly, Square Enix will now temporarily suspend the sales of both Final Fantasy 14's base game and the complete edition. Free trial registration for new accounts will also be put on hold, as well as new advertisements. It's unknown how long the policy will last for, but the company will "continue to monitor the situation as [they] consider the timing around resuming sales."

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Players will be compensated with 14 days of free play time, another week tacked onto the previously promised seven days.

Error 2002, the infamous sign that you're about to get kicked to the back of the queue even after waiting patiently, has been confirmed to be tied to a bug. Square Enix maintains that if you have an unstable internet connection, you could trigger Error 2002. But in some cases, certain players' Error 2002 have been coming from a bug related to a login-related program created back in FFXIV version 1.0. The company will implement the code fix for the bug in Patch 6.01, scheduled for December 21.

This is good news. Error 2002 inspired great ire from the community due to the fact you needed to babysit the hours-long queue to get into the game. If you took your eyes off it and the Error 2002 popped up, and you didn't try logging in fast enough to reestablish connection, your place in line was lost.

The new Savage raid, Pandæmonium: Asphodelos, is getting released on time. It will come in Patch 6.05 on January 4.

Square Enix once again reassured players it is trying to get more hardware and equipment in order to expand server capacity. But due to the global shortage of the materials needed, adding a new Logical Data Center and more worlds will not be instantaneous. The company hopes to have a roadmap in late January for server expansion. "We are considering adding servers to each region, especially plans for a large-scale addition in North America and Europe," Square Enix stated. "And will be looking at the number of servers, infrastructure construction time, power issues, and server rack situation to see if we should do this sequentially or in one big push."

FFXIV Endwalker released in early December, and is the final feather in the cap for the story between Hydalen and Zodiark. Final Fantasy 14 will continue beyond Endwalker, but the expansion will conclude the main storyline running since A Realm Reborn started in 2013.

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