FFXIV Patch 6.2 Release Date Announced, Trailer Teases FFIV Villain And The Void

The journey to the 13th shard looks pretty gothic so far.


In anticipation of FFXIV's Patch 6.2 release at the end of August, another live letter from the producer was held on August 12. Patch 6.2's trailer was revealed, as well as an official release date: August 23.

As told at the end of 6.1, the Warrior of Light is about to go to the 13th shard, also known as the Void. In the new 6.2 trailer, a Reaper who calls the Void their home appears and is likely a pivotal character in the new journey. Scarmiglione, a villain from FFIV, shows up in all his glory as well. We also get a peek at a new location in the Void, the Fell Court of Troia--a gothic-looking castle.

The trailer also teased the continuation of the Pandaemonium raids, and Haurchefant as a new NPC available in Trust Finder. 6.2 will add new tribal quests located in Ultima Thula on an Omicron settlement. Season 1 of the newly revamped PvP system will end with the arrival of 6.2 on August 23.

The livestream also showed off Island Sanctuary gameplay for the first time. Island Sanctuary is a Harvest Moon-slash-Stardew-Valley addition where players can farm and build in instanced islands.

Island Sanctuary isn't small by any means. From the video above, it looks vast. What's pretty great, though, is that the duty roulette queue works even when you're on the island--which means you can wait for the queue to pop while undertaking activities in the instance. Naoki Yoshida and Toshio Murouchi are still playing through it as this article is being written, so stay tuned for future updates on what players can expect from Island Sanctuary.

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