FFXIV Endwalker's Patch 6.01 Adds New Raid Pandæmonium

And say goodbye to the low-poly grapes. (Warning: There are minor Endwalker spoilers below.)


FFXIV Endwalker's first patch, 6.01, is now live and includes the first tier of the Pandæmonium normal raids, Pandæmonium: Asphodelos. To participate in Asphodelos, you must have a level 90 job and a minimum average item level of 565. Warning: there are spoilers below for Endwalker, so stop reading now if you're avoiding them.

Teased by a cutscene at the end of Endwalker MSQ's credits, Ascian Elidibus will likely be involved in Pandæmonium's questline. The Pandæmonium raids will also likely include some sort of reference to Final Fantasy II or Final Fantasy XII. Pandæmonium is FFII's final castle-of-hell dungeon and a final boss by the name of Pandæmonium also appears in FFXII.

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The Savage version of Pandæmonium, along with the treasure hunt dungeon the Excitatron 6000, will release in the 6.05 patch.

Endwalker's In From The Cold quest has also been adjusted to be slightly easier. It's the stealth quest initiated right after Zenos possesses your body, and you in turn get stuffed into a Garlean soldier's body. Effects of the Indomitable Spirit status, initial use of Duty Actions, and the number of wrecks containing fuel have been increased.

As for other resolved minor bugs, you can check out the full list over at FFXIV's website. Hilariously, it appears Square Enix has taken note of the memes made about the infamous low-poly grapes in Labyrinthos. The grapes are now fixed to look comparable to other fruit in the game, and Square Enix explained that the grapes' polygon counts "were reduced in excess to alleviate system memory usage in the area."

Supposedly, the infamous Error 2002 was to be addressed in the 6.01 patch, but no mention of it is officially described in the patch notes. Error 2002 kicks people out of queue to the back of the line if the player doesn't log back in fast enough to reestablish connection to the server. It remains to be seen if a fix was implemented and if this is still a common issue going forward.

Server queues have noticeably been reduced (at least on the Adamantoise servers), but wait times during peak hours are still quite formidable. Square Enix publicly responded to the long queues by giving out free play time, as well as initiating suspension of FFXIV sales.

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