FFXIII theme, energy drink unveiled

Square Enix picks up new singer Sayuri Sugawara to croon Final Fantasy XIII's title song, unveils ultra-caffeinated tie-in beverage, Elixir.


Final Fantasy XIII

 Sayuri Sugawara serenades the FFXIII party.
Sayuri Sugawara serenades the FFXIII party.

TOKYO--With the Final Fantasy franchise, it's become a tradition for each release to have its own distinct theme song. FFVIII had Chinese performer Faye Wong singing "Eyes on Me"; FFX had Japanese vocalist Rikki's rendition of "Suteki Da Ne" ("Isn't It Wonderful"); and FFXII had bilingual artist Angela Aki croon "Kiss Me Good-bye."

Today at the Final Fantasy XIII premiere party in Tokyo, Square Enix gave a live performance and unveiled its main theme song for the game, "Kimi ga iru kara" ("Because You're With Me"). The song is performed by Sayuri Sugawara, a new artist who just made her major debut this April. The FFXIII theme song will be her second CD single, and it will be released on December 2, two weeks prior to the game's PlayStation 3-exclusive Japanese launch on December 17. (The game is expected to arrive in spring 2010 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.)

Mmm, tastes Elixir-y .
Mmm, tastes Elixir-y .

In Japan, another recent Final Fantasy tradition is the franchise's collaboration with beverage-maker Suntory. Three times in the past, the company released drinks themed after potions in the Final Fantasy games. The first was in 2006 with Final Fantasy XII, the second was for the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, and the third was more recently with Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

For Final Fantasy XIII, Suntory is going one step above the traditional potion. The company announced at today's event that it will release a brand-new Final Fantasy XIII Elixir. The new concoction, which was available in cocktail form at the event, will feature triple the caffeine of Suntory's other energy drinks and will contain ample royal jelly and vitamin B.

Some of these FFXIII cans will end up on eBay, guaranteed.
Some of these FFXIII cans will end up on eBay, guaranteed.

Aside from individual cans and special editions bundled with toy figures, there will be a boxed set of all illustrated Final Fantasy XIII Elixir cans. The beverage is slated to hit stores in December, with specific details to be announced later in the year.

Check back soon for impressions and more details from the Final Fantasy XIII premiere party where SCE CEO Kaz Hirai was also on hand to talk up the PS3.

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