FFXII slated for next year in Japan

Square has announced its consolidated statement for the term ending March 2002.


On Tuesday, Square announced its consolidated statement for the financial term ending March 2002. Sales changed to 36.6 billion yen, a 51.5 percent decrease compared with the preceding term. Although game software sales were good in respect to profit, which helped move the company into the black with a 4 billion yen profit (compared with a 2.6 billion yen loss from the previous term), failure of its Final Fantasy motion picture cost it 16.5 billion yen. Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2 has contributed to the profit greatly with 4 million copies shipped (2.48 million in Japan, 1.46 million in North America). The company's collaboration with Disney, Kingdom Hearts for the PS2, has also shipped 600,000 copies.

The company predicts that its consolidated statement for the term ending March 2003 will equal to sales of 25 billion yen and a profit of 4.4 billion yen. Profits are expected from the European sector, which will carry out licensed sales of its software, like Final Fantasy X. It also expects to have 200,000 subscribers on its Final Fantasy XI online game service by this summer in Japan. Although a PC version of and an expansion pack to the game are scheduled for release later this year, the company has not confirmed that a North American version of the game will be released during the current fiscal year. Lastly, the company is also expected to release a Game Boy Advance title that features some sort of connectivity with the GameCube. The company also stated that Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 is likely to be released next year in Japan.

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