FFX Theme Song Complete

Square's renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu says the theme song for Final Fantasy X has been completed.


Final Fantasy X

According to Square's official web site, PlayOnline.com, the company's renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu has commented that the theme song for Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation 2 has been completed. The song is composed by Uematsu and the lyrics are by Kazunari Nojima (one of company's planners who previously worked on Final Fantasy VIII). Square has not revealed who will perform the song. When GameSpot recently asked Uematsu about a possible candidate, he jokingly replied, "It's going to be Rod Stewart."

It is expected that Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2 will be released by March 2001. Square recently confirmed that it no longer plans to release PlayOnline components - mainly hints and strategy guides - for the game.

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