FFIII, Chocobo Tales sprinting Down Under

Ubisoft to distribute two Final Fantasy DS games in Australia.


When it comes to Final Fantasy, Australians have long had to adopt a "better late than never" attitude, with games in the much heralded franchise often taking months longer to arrive on our shores than in the US. Such is the case with Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales for the Nintendo DS, which have just been given May release dates for Down Under--months after their respective releases in the US.

Publisher Ubisoft will be distributing the two titles in Australia, New Zealand, France, Benelux, and the Nordic territories. The Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy III, which was originally available on the NES 17 years ago, is slated for a May 4 release date. Chocobo Tales has a rough ship date of late May 2007.

Final Fantasy III for the DS was released in the US in November last year, while Chocobo Tales is set for a April 3 release stateside.

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this game got released four days ago in NZ. I managed to pick one up the day after. My games store managed to order in a few USA copies twice (and I missed out on getting them both times >.

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Hahahaha! This might be a game for little kids but on the other hand it might not. Either way i gotta say the idea is brilliant!

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"The five brothers of the Guillemot family founded Ubisoft as a computer game publisher in 1986 in France." ~Wikipedia

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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i believe the reason for it to be published by ubisoft is as ubisoft is a aussie company, so it makes it more of a home made game, or something along that line

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awesome, australians could use some good news..... especially after getting shafted by sony.

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like everybody else. cant wait

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Finally, I've been wanting FFIII for ages. And yes, DaylightX is right, I hate NZ prices!!

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1 word, "import". Much much cheaper that way, plus you get it much much earlier. Game prices in NZ retail are pretty shocking.

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Cool. Good the Aussies are getting some more games, kind of odd that it's being published by Ubisoft though.

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Why is it by ubisoft and not square-enix?

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Good news, can't wait.

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True zekere region is not an issue so getting the game wont be a problem for anybody.

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You can find the games on Ebay since the DS is region free . I live in Belgium (Europe) and heve FF3 since its release .

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can't wait!

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Better late then never ohh well I guess its better then never, Iam looking foward to these two titles. Too bad we have to wait this long to get our hands on titles like this.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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if i had a ds (i want one really bad) i wouldn't get this game.

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Yeah pretty rough having to wait as long as we did. I've been hangin to get into this game since I heard it was announced. But I'm a patient guy - sort of. WHEN IS PHANTOM HOURGLASS OUT!?!!?! (sorry, little impatient) HAHA Well, back to supreme commander I think :P Peace ppl :)

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Good for the rest of the Aussie DS owning population that we finally get FF3, but I've had since teh US launch. Thankyou play asia.

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DoctorFu - I'm pretty sure Chocobo Tales is its own game and not based on an older FF.

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I know FFIII was a great game and all but does it really deserve another individual Chocobo adaption?

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Finally! I´ve been waiting to play this for a long time! (FFIII that is)